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Nacho is the third installment in the Better Call Saul series.

Synopsis [edit | Edit source]

In a flashback it is shown that Chuck has already been able to get his brother Jimmy out of jail with the help of a lawyer, which means that Jimmy is deeply in debt. In the current storyline, Saul calls the Kettlemans with a disguised voice and warns them of imminent danger, shortly afterwards the Kettlemans have disappeared and the house has been devastated. The suspicion immediately falls on Nacho who is innocent and again threatens Saul because he sees the guilt with him.

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In a flashback, Jimmy is in jail. He is accused of property damage and sexual harassment, among other things. His brother Chuck visits him and Jimmy begs him to help him out of the situation. Chuck is not at all enthusiastic about it, because his little brother has disappointed him often enough. Jimmy persists and when Chuck finally agrees, he swears that he is forever in debt to his brother and that he will do anything for him.

Current storyline Edit source]

Saul is unsettled after Nacho's announcement that he wants to rob the Kettlemans and blames himself. At night he walks up and down the nail salon in front of his office and then calls Kim to talk about the Kettlemans after a little small talk. After talking to Saul, Betsy and Craig Kettleman decided to be represented by Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill and are therefore also looked after by Kim. Saul hopes to get some information on the case from Kim. In the middle of the conversation, it slips out that he thinks the Kettlemans could be in danger. Kim pricked up his ears and asked what Saul meant by that, but he quickly declined. After the conversation, Saul calls the Kettlemans from a phone booth and tries to tell them in an alienated voice that they are in danger. However, when they cannot understand him, he tosses the voice changer aside, warns them and quickly hangs up.

The next morning, Saul is again working at the court as a public defender and Kim calls out that the Kettlemans have disappeared. Saul rushes to his car, but, like every time before, forgot to buy enough parking tickets and again gets into an argument with parking attendant Mike. The only difference is that this time he does not redeem a ticket, but presses the barrier button himself in an unobserved moment and dashes away quickly. In front of the Kettleman's house, Saul first meets Howard Hamlin, who is wondering what Saul is doing there. He decides that he has heard the police radio and Hamlin asks him to leave the place. Shortly afterwards, Kim approaches him and asks him directly how it could be that Saul suspected the night before that the Kettlemans were in danger and shortly afterwards the whole family had disappeared and the house was devastated. Saul quarrels briefly, then tells Kim that he called the Kettlemans and warned them.

Saul then drives straight to a public phone booth and frantically calls Nacho Varga, whose number he still has on a matchbox. But he always only gets one answering machine and speaks more hectically from call to call on the tape and offers Nacho his legal support, assuming that Nacho has attacked, robbed and kidnapped the Kettlemans. When the phone finally rings and Saul hopes that Nacho has called him back, the caller hangs up without a word. Shortly afterwards, two unknown men approach Saul from two sides, who escapes slowly at first, then runs and runs into a police car. What looks to him in the first second after the rescue turns out to be a problem afterwards: The two pursuers are also police officers who lead Saul to the station, where Nacho is already waiting for Saul, whom he has named as his lawyer. He tells Saul that he has nothing to do with the case. That he was there with his car to spy on the Kettlemans, but had nothing to do with their disappearance. However, the police only got the information that a van with Nacho's license plate was seen and after they had found alleged traces of blood from the Kettlemans (which, however, come from Saul and the skateboard twins, see episode 2, Mijo) in the van interior, the suspected case was clear and Nacho is the prime suspect. Nacho is furious and threatens Saul with certain death if he doesn't get him out of this situation.

Saul talks to the cops and Kim and is able to convince them to come with him to the Kettleman's house. During a tour, Saul notices that a small doll is missing from the girls' room. This is noticeable because otherwise all the accessories were still there and apparently only the little doll was removed from its holder. Saul sees the light and he suspects that the Kettlemans just staged a kidnapping and "kidnapped themselves". However, the police are not entirely convinced of this assumption and continue to assume that Nacho is the culprit.

On the way back to the court, Saul meets Mike again, who, however, denies him access to the parking lot with an indifferent expression. Saul gets quick, gets out of his car and yells at Mike. He also leaves his guard house and approaches Saul, who then nudges him angrily on the chest, whereupon Mike skillfully pushes Saul to the ground and fixes him in place. The next scene shows how the two policemen try to put Saul under pressure by offering him that Mike withdraw a complaint if Saul should show insight and admit that his client Nacho is responsible for the Kettleman abduction. But when Mike sees that Saul is absolutely vehemently against it, he finds his theory plausible and withdraws the complaint. Saul is amazed and finds out in a follow-up conversation with Mike that he was a police officer for a long time and has gained a lot of experience. Mike also tells Saul that bogus kidnappings are nothing new and that the "abductees" usually stay very close to where they live because that's the least expected of them.

Saul then makes his way again to the house of the Kettlemans and walks from there for a few hours on footpaths through the barren landscape and desert. When it is getting dark and Saul arrives in a wooded area, visibly exhausted and drained, he finds an orange tent from which happy children laugh and sing. Saul immediately knows that it must be the Kettleman family and calls the police superintendent and tells them that he has found the Kettleman family and is bringing them back to the house. With a loud "Here's Johnny!" Saul pulls the zipper off the tent and scares the family to death. However, he can't get her to come with him and wants to grab a bag to motivate her, but Betsy Kettleman clings tightly to this bag until it rips and tens of thick bundles of dollars fall out of the bag.

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