Wilkinson sword double edge razor blades wholesale

Razor blades for men

Since Henry Wilkinson started manufacturing men's razors in 1884, Wilkinson Sword has been at the forefront of all razor and blade manufacturers. One of the reasons: Henry Wilkinson transferred his sword-making know-how to the manufacture of men's razors and razor blades. A revolution.

We believe that shaving is about realizing yourself and expressing your own style. We don't care what products you use - our goal is to help you find your own style through our products. Whether you have a beard or are clean-shaven - good razor blades for men are the key to your perfect look.

Razor blades are designed in a variety of ways. On the one hand, there are the classic double blades - solid, sharp blades without a lot of frills that fit into every razor with a butterfly lock or into every razor. Tradition at its finest.

More modern razor blades, on the other hand, have sliding strips or moisturizing gel reservoirs. These contribute to a smoother gliding of the blade and more comfort when shaving. For example our Hydro 5 razor blades. The unique gel reservoir, which was developed to protect the skin, results in less friction than a normal sliding strip. **

If you're unsure which razor blade is right for you, our blog posts will help you find the right blade for you. You can buy all razor blades online using the links below.

** On average vs Quattro Titanium sliding strips