Which pads are suitable for the Elektrolux coffee machine

Which pod holders do you need for your Senseo machine?

If you want to use more than just the classic coffee pods with your coffee pod machine, you need a special pod holder - e.g. for varieties such asEspresso, tea, cocoaBecause usually only the classics for 1 and 2 cups of coffee are included in the scope of delivery of the machines. But what other pad holders are there - and what should you pay attention to when buying? Our tips will help.

What do you want to know more about?

What to look out for with pod holders

What kind of pads are intended for?

Due to their precise shape, all pad holders are intended for a special purpose. The different pad variants could only be used correctly in the test with the right formats. Therefore, pay attention to the exact designation of the required holder on the respective pad packs.

Suitable for my machine?

Very important: not every pod machine can handle all pod holders. This also applies to original models from Philips / Senseo. This is why the accessory manufacturers indicate which models their respective accessory is suitable for. Sometimes they give the model name, sometimes the exact name Model number. This is located on the Senseo Bottom of the coffee pad machine, on a small sticker. If in doubt, you should briefly look there or in the instructions to find out which device you are using.

How do I use the pod holder?

Once you have bought the corresponding special holder, operation is just as easy as with the classic models. This is how it works:

  1. Insert the desired pod holder into the machine
  2. Put the appropriate coffee pod in the holder
  3. Close the machine to start
  4. Press the start button, done.

Basic equipment for classic coffee

The Senseo machines from Philips always come with two pod holders ex works, namely the small and the large standard version. If necessary, check the description of the scope of delivery briefly before buying.

The standard pad holder

The simple Senseo pod holder is basically the basic equipment of a coffee pod machine. You can put exactly 1 classic pad in it to brew 1 normal cup of coffee. The classic is used, for example, in single households or when everyone drinks a different type of coffee.

This variant is already included in every good pad machine scope of delivery contain. But sometimes you have to buy more. For example, if your own 1-cup pod holder is defective, lost, worn or badly discolored after long use.

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Two cups and eco pod holder

The larger version allows two pads all at once and either one large cup or two small cups can be prepared at the same time.

A further function of the double pod holder is that the so-called Eco pads can be inserted. If you have a Senseo coffee pad machine, but don't want to do without your favorite powdered coffee, you need the Eco Pads. You can then fill in your “own” coffee powder, insert it into the machine and wait for the fresh coffee.

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Accessories for espresso, tea and cocoa

Espresso pod holder

Those who like to drink just a small, strong cup of coffee are usually also an espresso fan. The Senseo machine has an espresso pod holder for this purpose. The special espresso pods that are available in the supermarket and online can be placed in it. They are important so that only a certain amount of water is forced through the powder into the cup.

The precisely adjusted amount of water that the coffee pod lets through is important so that the espresso really tastes like espresso. A big difference to normal coffee, which is only prepared with a little water.

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Tea pod holder

The term “coffee pad machine” is actually not enough for the Senseo. Because tea can also be brewed without any problems. To do this, you simply buy tea pods and the tea pod holder in the accessories shop and proceed as usual.

Unlike almost all holders, these accessories mostly come from Pickwick, but are not available as original accessories from the Senseo brand. The background: Pickwick is Senseo's sister brand specializing in tea. Both belong to Jacobs Douwe Egberts.

Tip: Rinse once without a pad before brewing so that no coffee residues seep into the tea.

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Cocoa pod holder

In addition to coffee and tea, you can also prepare cocoa or chocolate-like drinks. In the past, you needed the so-called “Hot Choco” pod holder for this. In the meantime, you can insert various cocoa and chocolate variants of the Senseo pads in the normal double holder. Special mixed drink holders are only required for very specific individual pads. These are then precisely specified on the pad packaging.

Original or from a third party?

In addition to the original pads and pod holders from Senseo, there are also products from third-party suppliers. These products can be cheaper than Senseo's.

However, third-party providers are prohibited from writing the appropriate model numbers on their products. As a customer, you can therefore have difficulties finding the right pads and holders. In addition, Senseo's coffee preparation is a self-contained system that has been developed over many years. With third-party products you may not have the "official" assurance from Philips (depending on the manufacturer) that everything fits 100% and that you get the same good taste of the coffee, tea or cocoa.

On the other hand, these accessories are so cheap that a try might be a good idea. Normally, everything should fit if you read the product description carefully beforehand and the pad accessory should be suitable for your own machine.

Optimally stow pod holder: stations & organizers

As already mentioned above: If you buy a Philips Senseo, two pod holders are already included. So you already have the problem of stowing away the one that is not in use. In addition, the two holders are not enough for many customers.

If you now have several, the question often arises as to where to put them all. A holder station is a solution in this case. Several pieces can be conveniently accommodated in such a station.

Before buying, check whether the station is suitable for all types of holders and for all Senseo models. Because not every original accessory holder always fits into an organizer. The stations themselves can be made of metal, stainless steel or plastic and, depending on the model, can also be dishwasher-safe.

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Dirty or defective?

After long and frequent use, it can happen that a pod holder is very dirty and the coffee tastes less good.

  • Then you should first descale the machine, this often helps. If this does not bring any significant improvement, you should take a closer look at the sieve of the holder. Coffee residues are often deposited here, causing them to stick together.
  • If cleaning doesn't help, only buying a new pod holder will help. Although the Philips coffee pad machine comes with a two-year guarantee, not everything is covered here either. However, it does not cost anything to ask the dealer or manufacturer, you may receive a new holder as a goodwill gesture.

When is it worth buying new accessories?

Buying new pod holders does not only make sense if they are defective or dirty. But also if you recently want to use the machine elsewhere. In the office, for example, the double pod holder is recommended, after all, you don't get very far with a cup of coffee in the office. Basically, pad holders are used very often in everyday life. Whether you want to drink tea instead of coffee - or whet your appetite for an espresso.