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Mods in Troy: Total War despite Epic Store? Developer gives (partially) the all-clear

Those who like to mod their Total War games are a bit disappointed at the moment. There is no official support in the Epic Store as there is on Steam. But that doesn't mean that there won't be any mods for Troy.

Troy: A Total War Saga wants to dare to experiment a lot. One of them concerns sales. As the first Total War, the strategy game will be published exclusively in the Epic Store and given away for 24 hours. It only lands on Steam 12 months later.

Of course, this makes for very heated discussions among the community. Here, too, the announcement was discussed intensively, the message about exclusivity now has over 700 comments. The concern was repeatedly expressed that the game could not be modded in the Epic Store. Now the developers have given the all-clear to some extent.

Troy can be modded

The Epic Games Store is currently available no official mod support like on Steam. There, with the help of the workshop, it is extremely easy to install a fan creation and just start playing. But just because there is no support from the Epic Store, mods are not automatically excluded. According to the developers, Troy can be edited in the same way as other Total War games thanks to its pack files:

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The whole thing is a little more cumbersome than on Steam. You have to manually download the files for the mod of your choice and drag them into the appropriate directory. So as soon as there are mods for the game, you have to follow the instructions of the modders exactly.

Mod support with delay

However, in response to the same tweet, Creative Assembly adds that official mod support will follow at a later date - also in the Epic Store. The developers are working with Epic to make such a feature possible.

In fact, a workshop-like mod function is one of the still planned features of the Epic Store. In the Epic Store's roadmap planner, mod support has been a planned feature that is being worked on for some time. The last update is from April 8th. It says:

"We have made great strides in developing the first version of our Epic Games modding platform. We are currently running quality assurance and are in the process of optimizing everything. We will be releasing the mod support slowly, starting with a store partner and will spread it further from there. "

Maybe this store partner is actually Troy. It couldn't take too long until the strategy game is officially supported with mods after its release. Incidentally, it always takes at least a month on Steam before a Total War game is officially supported.

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