What happens to my Hyungsik Zea family

Central initial reception On the Sülzbrack there will be follow-up accommodation

Zollenspieker. The central initial reception facility (ZEA) on the Sülzbrack is to be converted into a follow-up facility. Instead of the current 288 people, up to 260 people will then live there. The district invites you to an information evening to provide information about the project: Thursday, September 17, at 6 p.m. in the sports hall of the Zollenspieker elementary school, Kirchenheerweg 223.

Meeting again in the Zollenspieker sports hall

Contrary to what Pastor Ulrich Billet offered at the first public information on the ZEA, this second evening cannot be organized in the Church of St. Severini. However, this is not due to the district administration, but to the fact that the parish council has spoken out against its use. “On the one hand, the district office is grateful that the sports hall of the Zollenspieker elementary school can be used again for the information event. On the other hand, it is regrettable that the larger and atmospherically pleasant St. Severini Church is not available, contrary to what was announced. From my point of view, this would also have been a good and visible sign of the welcoming culture lived by many people in Vierlanden, ”says District Office Manager Arne Dornquast.

Although places are still required throughout Hamburg for the initial reception center, there are also follow-up accommodations so that refugees can leave the ZEA at all. One aspect for ending the emergency measure and conversion is that the Zollenspieker is far away from Harburg and Hammerbrook, where the non-mobile people from the ZEA have to report regularly. In the subsequent accommodation, the residents - immigrants and homeless people alike - are registered as residents with this address. The form of accommodation is more socially acceptable for both residents and residents. In this way, integration can succeed even better.

Modular houses with saddle roofs are being built

On the Sülzbrack, winter-proof residential units are to be built in two rows parallel and perpendicular to the street. The eight two-story modular houses with pitched roofs will remain in place for at least five years. Unlike in the past in the ZEA, the residents will be self-sufficient. Similar two- to six-room apartments are planned. Up to six people will each share a bathroom and kitchen. In addition, common areas are planned (laundry room, group rooms) and rooms for structuring volunteer work.

The previous container system is gradually being dismantled in three construction phases from south to north, and the new one is being built. The start should be in September. The new modular houses will be of different sizes. 48 people can live in the largest, 28 in two houses and 36 in four houses. One house is provided for the administration and another eight people.