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2020 Directed by Jason Hehir


A 10-part documentary chronicling the untold story of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls dynasty with rare, never-before-seen footage and sound from the 1997-98 championship season - plus over 100 interviews with famous figures and basketball’s biggest names.

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  • Someone please commit a seemingly insignificant slight against Michael Jordan so he does something incredible and they have to make more episodes of The Last Dance. I'm not ready for it to be over.

    Seriously, you can complain about the structure or whatever. I loved every minute. I would have watched 10 more hours. Looking forward to watching this on Sundays have been so good for my mental health during this time. I'll always remember that and also the guy on the Jazz who made a joke about Michael Jordan quitting basketball, so MJ made it his mission to destroy the guy's life in every possible way.

  • You must never mistake great source material for a great documentary.

  • Appointment viewing. One of the highlights of my week for five straight Sundays. But beyond the thrill of reliving MJ and the Bulls 'incredible' 90s odyssey, a lot of empty calories here. A slick, well-crafted documentary that's ultimately as small and narrow as the man at the center of it.

  • Basketball is honestly awesome.

  • I can't believe they made a ten hour documentary about the guy who played in Space Jam lol

  • Lebron sleeping in gravity tents, getting full body massages, on load management, a personal chef cooking him all his meals ... millions spent on personal care

    You'll find Jordan at the blackjack table smoking cigars at 2 am the night before a playoff game, in which he goes on to drop 50 points and win the series. It's just different man.

  • 🏆98%
    YouTube review - Click HERE

    I normally only do series / shows on YouTube, but I wanted to hit on this via Letterboxd. Jordan has always been my favorite player, but I can't claim to be the guy that “witnessed the greatness,” because I wasn't born until 1995. I caught the main end of his career, and I had to reflect through footage of his games. I didn't know half of the “off-the-court” drama that he went through, and I was so pumped to see it all fleshed out in this documentary. I was thrilled to see how in-depth it got. Now, it is a reasonable thought to assume it is a one-sided documentary. Maybe they didn't hit on Michael’s bad games ...

  • i liked this documentary but i do not TRUST this documentary

    my main takeaways:
    -as a gay, watching this finally gave me something to talk about in my college fraternity group chat so that's good
    -dennis rodman icon like icon * takes style notes *
    -my local team the portland trailblazers ... y'all fumbled that one
    -no more justin timberlake society has progressed past the need for justin timberlake
    -having your subject of the documentary also be an aloof producer who controls how his image is seen without much criticism or a wider lens ruined this for me ... all heroes have achilles heels ...
    -dumb fucking timeline idc is it 1998 or not

  • I know it's not over yet but ...

    Quarantine’s been tough and imagining 1998 Michael Jordan wake up Dennis Rodman from a 48 hour bender while Carmen Electra hid under the covers made me smile. Thank you, ESPN.

    I'm also writing episode recaps for my college newspaper at if anyone gets bored and wants to pretend like sports still exist.

  • For the love of God please stop cropping and zooming archival 1.33 footage.

    Looking forward to a ten part series documenting Jordan’s time with the Wizards.

  • Some of my earliest memories of enjoying watching sports were when my dad and I rooted for MJ, Pippen, and Rodman to win those last three championships.

    "Winning has a price, and leadership has a price ... So, I pulled people along when they didn't wanna be pulled ... Once you join the team, you live at a certain standard that I play the game and I Wasn't gonna take anything less ... You ask all my teammates? The one thing about Michael Jordan was he never asked me to do something that he didn't fucking do. "

    As a kid, I did have both a Rodman Bulls jersey and a MJ Toon Squad one.

    I loved getting this behind ...

  • Editing the latest episode of Cinematic Underdogs, and thus listening to the debate between @Blob Cat and I about Michael Jordan’s present-day emotional wellbeing, I kept wanting one of us to mention various elements that remained simmering beneath the surface. This is usual when editing podcasts — the discrepancy between what you aspired to say, and what you actually said, can be tauntingly striking.

    To be specific, for a good part of the episode we fixate on the opening / final shot of the entire ten-part series The Last Dance: a shot of Michael Jordan staring out a crystal-clear, full-sized window inside a mansion. In it, the space around him feels cold and expansive. He, in context, looks forlorn and lugubrious, and ...

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  • One of the better sports documentaries I've watched

  • this was sooo interesting ... i felt so bad for the croatian guy

  • I'm obsessed with the fact that Barack Obama was first introduced in the documentary simply with the caption: "former Chicago resident."

  • Spectacular. A true work of excellence.

  • A brilliantly cut and passionately told insight into the mind of super athletes and the game of basketball. I for one had little to no knowledge of basketball (I purposely didn't google if the Bulls had won the 97-98 season aka The Last Dance), but it was heart pounding and exhilarating to watch.

    Moreover its a fascinating insight into MJ's personal philosophies about mindset and what it takes to be the 1% of the 1%. Probably my favorite mini-series of all time.

  • I was very young during all these Bulls vs. Jazz mania. But I lived in Utah during the 90s until I moved to Illinois in 2001 and grew up there for the rest of elementary school through today. So in my mind, my 90s identity is entirely tied with my time in Utah. And though I was 5 or 6 during the main subject of this documentary, I still remember being in Kindergarten and 1st grade and experiencing all of the craze of Michael Jordan and the Jazz making it to the finals. Seeing this documentary really took me back to that time of my earliest life memories.

    On top of that, I don't like sports. At all. Never interested me. Yet, this documentary kept me captivated and I think that says a lot.

  • Just like the Chicago Bulls dominance in the 90s, I wasn't ready for this documentary to end. I could've easily watched another 10 episodes of this. Loved every minute

  • What time is it?
    Game time! .... woo

    Never mess with MJ he is the GOAT

    I feel Tony Kukoc the underrated player among Chicago Bulls.

  • There's a reason Michael Jordan’s name is as big as it is. He is the definition of a legend and that 1990-1998 bulls dynasty is the definition of legendary all due to him. Sure they had other players like Grant, Rodman, Kukoc, Kerr, and of course Scottie Pippen, but Jordan was everything. The way he practiced and worked was just different. He would take things personally and use them as fuel for his greatness. He had a different mindset than everyone and in those last 6 full seasons he literally wouldn't let anyone else win. It was impossible to beat him in those years because he just wouldn't let it happen. And it's not like they didn't face good teams ...

  • Daha fazla stockton olmalıydı.

  • I watched this over the course of about a week.

    There is so much footage of arguably the world's most famous sportsperson ever that editing this must have been a life times work in itself.

    What we got in this 10 part journey through the world of Michael Jordan was a superbly balanced line between reality and hype. All the high and lows of how the man and the myth were created.

    If you are in the least bit curious about sports or even just fame in general and how it shapes a person, this series is for you.

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