Ashrafi Kulfi recipe with whole milk

Kulfi is a Indian Ice cream dessert with cardamom and saffron. In the summer months it is very popular in India. There are many different Indian recipes for kulfi even without an ice cream maker. This one is very simple and not that time consuming.

Servings: 4


400ml Whole milk
200ml cream
80g cane sugar
1 can of ground saffron Powder or a couple of threads soaked in warm milk
½ tsp Cardamom seeds, finely ground
2 tbsp almonds, finely ground
1 tbsp Pistachios finely ground
For garnish: freshly roasted pistachios and almonds


  1. Mix the milk and cream in a large saucepan.
  2. Add the cardamom, sugar, almonds and pistachios and let simmer over medium heat for 30 minutes without a lid. Always stir so that nothing burns. Reduce the liquid to about 1/4.
  3. Stir in the saffron.
  4. Pour the milk mass into refractory molds, or into a large container, and leave to freeze in the freezer for 10 hours (covered).
  5. Carefully remove the kulfi from the mold and serve on a dessert plate with a few roasted pistachios and almonds.


A quick and easy way to prepare Indian ice cream, without "ice crystals" and without an ice machine, is to mix 400g whipped cream and 150-200g sweetened condensed milk and then add what you like. I divided this mixture into three and made 3 types of ice cream out of it. (Please feel free to experiment with different things.)

For Kulfi: Mix the saffron, cardamom powder and chopped almonds and pistachios.
For mango ice cream: mix a pureed mango.
For Pista Ice: mix cardamom powder and chopped pistachios.