How to use gs mamatest 1000


List of records IDSurnamedescription2256 13 Sounds rather calm and gloomy; one hears noises such as B. a creeper explosion, splashing, wind noise and how an arrow is shot with a bow. 2257 Cat Sounds friendly, has a very catchy, synthetic melody. 2258 Blocks Has a calm, happy sounding melody. 2259 Chirp A melody that sounds strange at the beginning, but later gets a bass added and then sounds very happy. 2260 Far Very calm at the beginning, later combines Asian-sounding guitars and synthetic elements with piano tones. 2261 Mall A brisk, catchy melody that is often quieter in between. 2262 Mellohi Very strange sounding melody with guitar, violin and many synthetic elements, seems to be a bit slower. 2263 Stal A jazz melody, initially with bassoon and saxophone, later a flute is added. 2264 Strad Sounds very "tropical" and happy. Are used, inter alia. Steel drums and synthetic sounds. 2265 Ward Starts with an excerpt from Frédéric Chopin's "Funeral March". Has a very catchy melody. At the beginning (between the "Funeral March" excerpt and the actual song) and later, when there is a short break and a changed melody of the song begins, it sounds like someone is "putting in" a new record. 2266 11 At the beginning it sounds, similar to "Ward", as if someone were "inserting" an old record. In contrast to the other records, the record does not play a melody, but only sounds that sound like someone is being chased by an (unknown) creature. You hear steps that sound as if the person were walking over earth / gravel and stone / netherrack / nether brick. At the end you hear a noise that sounds like something is barking before the recording ends very suddenly. The sounds of the unknown creature could be those of an Enderman as his sounds were inserted later and he is the 11th creature to be inserted. This record is dropped under the general conditions of creepers.

The fact that this record is very different from the rest of them sparked rumors that the record was related to Herobrine.

The spectrogram of the piece of music also includes an Easter egg.

2267 Wait A happy and relaxing song with a "blocky" flavor.