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World Children's Day 2020: When is it, where is it a public holiday and why is there three children's day?

World Children's Day was created to empower the special rights and needs of children around the world. The focus is on topics such as child protection and child policy.

In Germany, it is celebrated in particular by the German Children's Fund and UNICEF with numerous campaigns, rallies and festivals in many cities.

When is World Children's Day 2020?

On September 21, 1954, the UN recommended that its member states introduce a worldwide day of action to promote children's rights. The Federal Republic decided to put World Children's Day on September 20th. This year's World Children's Day will also take place in Germany on 20th September 2020 instead of.

World Children's Day in the years to come

  • 2021 - Monday, September 20th
  • 2022 - Tuesday, September 20
  • 2023 - Wednesday, September 20th
  • 2024 - Friday, September 20
  • 2025 - Saturday, September 20th

Where is World Children's Day a public holiday?

World Children's Day has been around for a long time, but so far it has only been a public holiday in Thuringia - and that for the first time in 2019. There, not only children and young people, but also employees have a day off.

Apart from that, World Children's Day is celebrated in almost 145 other countries around the world to draw attention to the needs and rights of children. Political actions and demonstrations are therefore very typical of this day.

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