Danactive how many per day

Low carb diet how many carbohydrates per day

yes, i wanted to go on the low carb diet because i have a little too much on my ribs and have already informed myself but every product contains carbohydrates so you can't do without them so here my question with di

How much protein per day & quest;

Hello! I've been going to the gym for about 2 months now (I'm 15, in 10 days 16) and don't pay close attention to my diet, because I just eat normally, as pretty much every person has a different opinion on the subject and everyone has different opinions

How many hours a day can you talk about internet addiction & quest;

is there a certain "guideline"? How many hours per day can Internet surfing be called a dependency? Hello Torrnado, the number of hours is actually irrelevant. As soon as you can no longer do without, you are dependent

How much does laser tag cost for a whole class & quest;

Hi! :) My class had the idea to go on a trip, Laser Tag xD xD I've done that too. It's pretty cool, but for a whole class? It also costs a lot, so my question is: how much does laser tag cost for ai

How to take protein after a meal or before a meal after a workout or before a workout & comma; how much time a day do I have to take protein and protein & quest;

How much do I have to take protein pullver after eating or before eating after training or before training how many times a day do I have to take protein powder and what is protein? Now what how many tablespoons do I have to put protein powder in the glass

How Much BCAA Per Day Should I Take & period; Who has experience with it & quest;

In what quantities per serving? How many servings? And how many capsules a day? I am very grateful if anyone can answer that, because I have BCAA's now and I don't know exactly how often and how much. Thank you, just around the training, e.g.

How many carbohydrates per day do not accumulate fat & quest;

How many carbohydrates can I take with me each day? I am 14 years old and weigh 57kg and are 176cm tall. Go to the gym 3 times a week (20 minutes of strength & 10-15 minutes of running), 1 hour of tennis on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I take 2000 kcal too much the question is

How many eggs per day can be easily consumed & quest;

I know I know there is an almost identical question here, but instead of saying: Max X can eat eggs a day without any problems ... I only saw whole lectures about the egg: / I think the question is funny. So far no one has been through egg poisoning or egg

How many calories a day do I have to take at least & quest;

I am 1.70 and weigh 54 kilos. So have a BMI of 18.6 or so. how much do I have to eat at least a day to lose weight healthy and without the yo-yo effect? I don't really want to eat a lot because I feel scary after every meal

How many monsters a day are unhealthy & quest;

I like to drink Monster Energy every now and then, otherwise only coffee and soluble lemon tea, so not unhealthy. And now and then a beer after work. How many times a day are Monster Energy unhealthy? Hello Dalucas :) I recommend you instead of Monster En

How many calories a day basal metabolic rate & quest;

I am (m, 21 years old, 165 cm and 67 kg). my BMI is 24.9 and my basal metabolic rate is around 1,645 kcal. what does 1645 kcal mean what is basal metabolic rate and how many calories do i have to burn per day? i want to lose 4-5 kilos in 2 months

How many kcal per day & lpar; 3x per week sport & rpar; & quest;

I am W, 18 years old, weigh about 76kg and am 1.67m tall. My goal is to lose weight and go to the gym 3 times a week. I'm a total newbie here. How many kcal should I consume per day? Start with 2000 kcal. You will lose weight

How much kcal a day 67 kg & quest;

i am 21 years old and 67 kg i go to fitness. want to lose 5 kilograms how many kcal do I have to burn per day? It depends on how quickly you want to lose weight. 300kcal less than you consume is normally a very healthy figure. I

How many grams decrease per day

If you do an intensive workout for 30 minutes a day and you are clean, how many grams can you lose per day if you are of normal weight (girls, 15 years, about 52 kilos and 1.61 m tall) Why do you want to lose weight - the weight is perfect !

Anabolic diet - how many kcal a day & quest;

I wanted to start an anabolic diet and have already read it, but still have a few questions. I weigh 115 kg and am 1.78 tall. So I am overweight as you can see. Now I wanted to know how much calories I consume per day

How many calories per day & quest;

Hello I just wanted to know how many calories you should consume a day at the age of 14 :) I eat around 500 every day with a little pull and don't know whether this is still normal because friends of mine are about . 1400 to

Budgies-How much food to give a day & quest;

Hi So how much should the budgies get to eat per day? This is the food for a budgie: 1 tbsp Eukaylipus Spezial (2x per day), 1 tsp sunflower seeds (2x per day), 1 tbsp premium mixture (2x per day), 1 tsp muscle building (2x p

How much water per day & quest;

It's about water and the body How much water must / should you drink per day? The 30ml / per kg body weight is today's level of knowledge. In addition to sport and hard physical work, it must also be taken into account whether a person eats a lot of fresh, juicy food.

How many cigarettes does the average smoke per day & quest;

Hey guys, how much does a person smoke on average per day? Jz e.g. for a 16/17 year old; if he smokes a lot; Is half a box a day a lot? Or 1 box? I don't know my way around at all, I'm a non-smoker, but I would