How to delete recently viewed eBay items

Your purchase summary

The purchase overview is the central point where you manage your orders. Just choose the drop down menu Further actions next to one of your purchases to see a list of options such as "Contact Seller" and "Return This Item".

Call up an overview of your purchases

How to delete items in the purchase overview

You cannot permanently delete items from the purchase overview. However, you have the option to hide the items you have bought during the last 60 days. That's how it's done:

  1. Select the drop down menu Further actions next to the article you want to hide.
  2. Choose Hide order. If you've accidentally hidden an article, just choose Cancel.

How to find items that you bought more than 60 days ago

In the purchase overview you can see the items that you have bought in the last 60 days. You can change the date range shown to show items that you purchased a long time ago.

At the top of your purchase overview, select next to View purchases from select the desired year in the drop-down menu. The list will then be updated and your purchases from the selected year will be displayed.