How To Withdraw Money From Paypal Quickly

PayPal: "Payback open" - how long does it take?

With PayPal you can make payments online quickly and easily. In the event of problems, you often have the opportunity to get your money back. In some cases it can happen that the PayPal account says “Refund open”.

Find out here what that means and how long you have to wait for the money with the "open repayment".

"Refund open" with PayPal: Duration of the chargeback

If a “repayment is open”, a chargeback of a previously paid amount has been initiated, but the money is not yet available. There can be various reasons for this. The experiences on the net differ widely as to how long the open state can last. As a rule, a repayment remains “open” for 2-5 working days before the money already paid is returned. The situation is similar with the note "delayed availability".

  • If a payment is made by direct debit at PayPal, it can up to 8 working days take time to complete the repayment.
  • When paying by direct debit with the PayPal account, the payment service provider first takes prepayment in order to forward the money to the seller. It can take up to eight working days for the money to be received by PayPal from your own account.
  • The repayment remains open until PayPal has received the money from the bank.
  • Often the date of the repayment is already stated in the corresponding info mail.

You can also find out from us what the indication "Payment open" at PayPal is all about.

PayPal: "Refund open" - not unusual for up to 8 days

If the payment was made via the bank account or with PayPal credit, you will receive the repayment as credit for the PayPal account. You can then have the credit transferred back to your bank account if you do not plan to make any payments via PayPal in the near future or otherwise want to dispose of the money. If you pay by credit card, the money will be returned to the debited credit card. This chargeback can take up to 30 days.

Of course, you can also revoke a direct debit to the payment service. However, there are fees by PayPal. If your repayment is unusually long in coming, we recommend contacting PayPal customer service. There may also be technical problems that prevent a chargeback.

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