Fichet Bauche Safe Key, how to open

Technical terms from A-Z

4-eyes principle
Lock that can only be opened by 2 people
Castle name, Rosengrens Sweden
Adolph's Ageless
Safe manufacturer

Safe manufacturer Berlin
Alarm connection
Preparation of the safe for alarm system contacts
Aluminum corundum
Extremely resistant filling material
Safes manufactured according to the old design
Archive door
Light vault door
Support material, e.g. steel struts in concrete filling
Safe manufacturers whose keys have e.g. designations such as "KURVENSCHLOSS" or "INSUPERABILIS"
Unscrewable key bit so that you don't have to take the whole (long) key with you
Reading out/ Audit file
High-quality electronic locks save opening times and codes for subsequent control
W / H / D
Width / height / depth
Bank closure
Keyed alike for deposit locks for bank employees (control lock)
Basque, Basque lock
Vertical transom connection
Add-on elements such as panels, hinges, handles, etc.
Identification via body features, e.g. fingerprint scanner, iris scan
Biometric lock
Lock that opens via saved comparison data
Bode tanks
Safe manufacturer, formerly also a producer of top quality 4-bit locks such as "TANGENTIAL"
Floor safe
Safe embedded in the floor, rare because it is cumbersome to use, but very safe
Drilling rig
Drill stand, attached via electromagnet or vacuum plate
Drilling protection
Plates made of hard metal, hardened steel or chilled cast iron
Safe manufacturer
BP 55 K, BP 54 K
Protector lock type designation
Lock manufacturer, antique mechanism, difficult to manufacture key
Fire protection
Protection of the contents in case of fire
Distributor of safes made by Distelrath with Elo lock types GSS LEZ or GSE FEZ
Burning cord
Security element that is additional in the event of exposure to heat (flame cutter) or mechanical attacks
Locking element triggers
BTM safe
Approved for the storage of narcotics
Castle guard
Safe manufacturer
Castle manufacturer Wittkopp Carl
Cawi 7205, 7210, 7215, 7216, 7220, 7250, Twinlock, Elostar
Common electronic locks
Safe manufacturer, lock manufacturer
Chubb key
Beard key
Numbers or a sequence of letters
Code Combi, Combi A, B
Electronic locks from Kaba Mauer
Code lock
Lock that can be opened with a code, mental lock
Combogard 33E, 39E, 66E, TL11
La Gard electronic lock
D1, D10, D20, E10
Security levels according to the old RAL standard e.g. RG 621/20 RG
Data cabinet
Mainly containers protected against the effects of heat
See data cabinet
Data backup obligation
Duty of every entrepreneur to back up relevant data
Tool for reading out locking codes
Safe deposit boxes in bank vaults
Deposit lock
Lock with bank and customer lock (4 eyes principle)
Lock type from GST
Computer-controlled device to determine the combination of MZKS
German institute for standardization
DIN 4102
Standard: Fire behavior of building materials
DIN EN 1143
Standard: Requirements for secure storage units
Abbreviation for floppy disks (max. 50 ° C), EN 1047
Double-bit key
Key with beard on both sides
European Committee for Banking Standards, standards institute, banking sector
Installation, safe
Safe to integrate into other pieces of furniture or components
Guard locking set of locks
Hook wrench
Divisible key to reduce the length
Shelf, storage shelf
Walled-in safe
Safe intended for setting in concrete in walls
Throw-in, safe
Safe with opening for inserting safebags or money bombs
Insert drawer
Lockable drawer to better protect slot openings
Electromechanical lock
Electrically lockable key lock, e.g. when an alarm is triggered
Electronic lock
Elo lock with combination
Rigid or flexible periscope
Factory code
Setting of code locks on delivery (123456, 555555 etc.)
Slanted locking bolt that locks the door when it is closed
Fire fold
Exactly manufactured fold to seal as well as possible
Fire protection
Heat, fumes, ash, etc.
Fichet belly, M2b, M3b, monopoly, C2C

Safe manufacturer, lock manufacturer
Fingerprint lock
Lock with fingerprint scanner
Fire Star, King
Data protection safes
Flat key
Antique key made from flat iron
Safe manufacturer
filling material
Depending on the application, e.g. concrete, aluminum corundum, fire protection compounds, etc.
Used for fire protection or to increase mechanical resistance
Safe manufacturer
Mental lock
Numbers or letters combination
Money bomb
Containers to be thrown into night safe systems
Business safe
Safe for the commercial sector
Gun cabinet
Safe prepared for long guns
Lock manufacturer
Safe manufacturers including brands such as Bössinger, Leicher, Garny
Suspension filing
Device for hanging files
Hartmann safes
Safe manufacturer
hard metal
Sintered metal that can only be penetrated with diamond drills
Positive connection on the hinge side
Hobby hook
Opening tool for plate tumbler locks

Holl & Koch
Former manufacturer of safe locks for authorities such as FAFNIR RP36E and RP37E
Hotel safe, hotel safe
Electronic lock with programming for constantly changing codes or card operation
Inner compartment
Lockable, separate inner compartment
Interior safe
Armored inner compartment, e.g. for inserting safebags
jewel, Sercas
Lock manufacturer
Chapels furnished
Antique lock component with crews
Core drill protection
Protection against core drilling machines
Articulated carriage
Carriage that is bent to insert the key
Buckling wrench
Articulated key to reduce the length
Station wagon
Abbreviation for combination lock, intellectual lock
Control code
Code that can only be read out, programmed but not opened
Structure-borne noise detector
Alarm system component
War chest
Antique wrought iron chest
Kromer, Alive
Lock manufacturer
La Gard
Lock manufacturer
Removable key guide
Carriage key
Key with special grain for inserting in carriages
Safe manufacturer
Franz, safe manufacturer, Munich
Safe manufacturer, lock manufacturer
Manager code
Parent code that can delete child
Outwitting locking mechanisms without damage
operation manual
Master code
Parent code
Lock manufacturer, formerly HKS (Hermann Kühn Söhne) with type designations RHENUS, PRAESIDENT, PRAETOR or R34W or RP37E, ORIGINAL, TRIUMPH
Furniture Safe
Stand safe
Safe manufacturer, lock manufacturer
Mechanical combination lock
Night safe
Drop-in safe for delivery after business hours
NL locks
Lock manufacturer
Emergency service
24 hour service for emergencies, Sunday and public holidays
Emergency opening
Opening in the event of loss of code, loss of keys or defects
Key lock from Kromer
Zero changeover
Conversion of certain MZKS types to the zero mark
Opening tool
Special tool for lock opening
Easter Day
Safe manufacturer, former type names TRIPLEX, PROGRESS, PERFEKT, REFORM
Abbreviation for paper (170 ° C), EN 1047
Panzer AG
Safe manufacturer Berlin, later merged with Bode
Tank fund
Term for safe
Armored door
Vault door
Paper star
Safe type
Redundant locking system
Closing variation
Pick, Hobby hook
Opening tool
Safe manufacturer
Change of lock functions
Very high quality and secure lock from Kromer, earlier types W35, RP, RP34, RP36, RP37E, RP40
Swelling seal
Self-swelling door seal
Reed contact
Alarm system component, door contact
The part of the key that you touch when you close it
Relock, relocker
Additional security in the boltwork, lock area
Reset to default settings
Bolt contact
Switch that reports the position of the boltwork
Mechanics move the locking bolt
Boltwork handle
Handle for operating the boltwork
RKL 10
Castle type, Rosengrens, Sweden
Key that has not yet been cut
Lock manufacturer, Sweden
Rosette, key rosette
Cover for keyhole
Lock type
Austrian safe distributor RU units
Resistant units when testing a safe
S 60 P, S 120 DIS, C 60 D, EN 1047
Test classes, number stands for test time, addition for purpose (paper, diskettes, data carriers)
Safelock 2, 3, one
Castle type from Leicher
Sargent Greenleaf, S&G
Lock manufacturer
Save and Vault Technicians Association
Locking code
Guard locking heights in numbers
Bank deposit box
Change closure
Change of the mechanical lock if the key is lost
Key length
overall length
Keyhole cover
Dust protection
Key safe
For storing and checking keys
Drawer safe
Deposit safe
Heavy duty anchor
Anchoring element, must be approved!
Secu, Secutronic
Lock manufacturer
Service code
Code that cannot open but activates various service functions
Insert and secure
Security level A, B, C, D, E
VDMA 24992, May 1995, RAL

Security class, security level
Graduations specified by testing institutes
Safe manufacturer
Locking element
Component that blocks the operation of the boltwork
Special concrete
filling material
Explosives security
Carriage or keyhole filler that prevents the introduction of explosives
Set trigger, mortise lock
Antique lock in which the key is not turned but inserted linearly
Star key
Fichet Bauche Patent Keys, Monopoles, M2b, M3b
Lock manufacturer, former type designations TRESOFIRM, PRIMUS, SENATOR, W36, RP36E, RP37E, RP37EB, 38, BP52
Swing bolt
Lock type with swing bolt from LaGard
Safe manufacturer
Partial access
Type of test for safe tests, e.g. hand hole in walls
Telescopic carriage
2 part extending carriage
Time lock, mechanical or electronic
Transponder lock
Lock that can be unlocked with an RFID tag
Stair rebate
Multi-level door rebate for better tightness and mechanical stability
Stair armor
Device for transporting heavy loads over stairs
Completely secured, accessible room
Safe door
The part of the safe to be opened
Trick lock
Lock that can only be opened with a trick, e.g. a certain sequence of key movements
Door direction DIN left or right
Opening direction of the door
Tested safes have the appropriate badges
Conversion to another lock system, e.g. electronic lock
Toggle mark
Second marking on the number button of an MZKS
Conversion key
Key to the combination changeover of an MZKS
Key lock with adjustable locking variation, wall
Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering
Association of non-life insurers
Attachment to the wall or floor
Locking bolt
Bolt that moves out of the door leaf when it is locked
Insurance class
Classification regarding insurability
Full control
Type of test for safe tests, door open
Weapon storage
Regulated in the Weapons Act
Gun safe
Containers with approval for weapon storage
Wall safe
Safe intended for setting in concrete
Regular inspection and lubrication
Factory code
Setting in the delivery state (123456, 000000 etc.)
Value container
All types of construction protect values
Safe manufacturer
Resistance grade
Is determined during the safe check
Wittkopp Carl
Lock manufacturer, CAWI
Lock manufacturer
Time lock
Device to block the opening for a certain period of time, formerly mechanical, today part of the
Software for some electronic locks
Seal of approval from the testing institute
Combination lock