How exactly is Android's rough location

Android 10

    Highlights of Android 10

    These are just a few of the new features you can use to protect your data, personalize your smartphone, and get things done. Android - just the way you want it.

    Smart answer

    With Android 10, you get more than just suggested replies to your messages. You will also get recommended promotions. For example, if a friend invites you to dinner, your smartphone suggests the following answer: "👍🏻". It then shows you the directions directly in Google Maps. This also works in messaging apps like Signal.

    Audio amplifier

    With "audio amplifier" your smartphone can amplify the sound, filter out background noise and fine-tune the settings so that you can hear better. Whether you're talking to a friend, watching TV, or attending a lecture, just plug in your headphones so you can hear everything more clearly.

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    Operation via gestures

    Operation using gestures is now even faster and more intuitive. You can go forwards and backwards, open the homepage and swipe up to see your open apps - it's all super easy.

    Dark design

    With the new dark design of Android, the background is black so that your battery lasts longer. Some of your Google apps, such as Google Calendar and Google Photos, will also look different as a result.1

    New forms - breakthrough technology

    Foldable devices and 5G devices are only available with Android. So you get the latest and great features on the latest devices with foldable and bendable displays.

    More ways to protect your data

    With Android 10 you have control over the protection of your data. Thanks to new, smarter setting options, you decide how and when data is shared from your device. So you don't have to worry about your privacy.

    View and adjust data protection settings in one place