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The lighting on the trailer must also comply with the regulations

The right lighting from the trailer

A pendant on a car is useful when you want to transport larger things that would not fit in the car. According to the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) apply to this basically the same rules as for any other vehicle, which is approved for use on public roads.

It is the same with pendant a Lighting requiredso that it can be better perceived in the dark and, for example, brake or flashing indicators can be recognized. Become common LED taillights used on car trailers.

But Which regulations apply to a trailer for lighting with LEDs? Is a License plate lighting for the trailer Mandatory? And what else do you need to look out for in order to put trailers in the right light? The following guide gets to the bottom of these questions and provides you with comprehensive information on which lighting is required for a car with a trailer in Germany.

FAQ: trailer lighting

Which lighting is mandatory for the trailer?

Here you will find a summary of the lighting elements that a trailer must have.

Does a trailer need taillights?

Yes. Tail lights are prescribed for a trailer in accordance with Section 53 (1) StVZO. If these are not available ex works, trailers can be equipped with a lighting bar.

How can I connect the rear lights to the trailer?

In order for the light signals to be transmitted from the towing vehicle to the trailer, you must connect a power supply to the rear lights. You can find out how to do this here.

Tail lights on the trailer are mandatory

tail lights are part of both car and trailer lighting. They ensure that vehicles following behind can better perceive their own car. You are according to § 53 Paragraph 1 StVZO prescribed:

Motor vehicles and their trailers must be equipped with two sufficiently effective rear lights for red light. [...]

In addition to the taillight for trailers, there are also those Brake lights of great importance. These indicate to the following traffic that braking is in progress. Section 53 (2) StVZO defines in this regard:

Motor vehicles and their trailers must be equipped at the rear with two sufficiently effective brake lights for red light, which indicate the actuation of the service brake in reverse, in vehicles according to § 41 paragraph 7 the mechanical brake. The brake lights may also light up when a retarder or a similar device is activated. Brake lights that are attached to or combined with the tail lights must shine more strongly than them. [...]

Important: The The tail light for trailers must shine weaker than the brake light. This is the only way to ensure that the two lighting devices can be clearly distinguished from one another and that there is no confusion as to when a braking process is in progress and when it is not.

Wiring of trailer and tail lights

In order for the lighting system of a trailer to work at all, it must of course be supplied with electricity. The Power supply takes over in this case that Towing vehicle. At the trailer hitch there is usually a corresponding one socket.

Usually, the car is about cans with 13-pin plug connection and 12 volt nominal voltage. At a truck, which requires significantly more electricity for the trailer lighting, is usually a socket with a voltage of 24 volts as well as a 7-pin connector used.

Good to know: Basically it is too permissible, several connector systems for the power supply of the trailer.

Are there marker lights on the trailer?

If trailers protrude more than 40 centimeters over the side lights of the tractor, this must be also equipped with marker lights become. This ensures that a trailer that protrudes beyond the actual width of the vehicle is clearly visible to oncoming vehicles.

Summary: These lights are mandatory for the trailer

Below grasp we once again for you together, Which Trailer lighting is mandatory for a car as a team:

  • Trailer lighting on the front: two white, non-triangular reflectors and possibly marker lights
  • Long side: yellow, non-triangular reflectors, yellow side marker lights if the length is more than 6 meters
  • Mandatory for the trailer Taillight: red brake and tail lights, yellow indicators, red rear fog lights and red, triangular reflectors
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The lighting on the trailer must also comply with the regulations
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