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Justin Long Mocks Rachel Bilson and Natalie Portman: They’re Too Pretty to Play Doctors

If Justin Long were casting No strings attached or Hart of Dixie, he likely wouldn't have chosen Natalie Portman other Rachel Bilson to play the leads. When Vulture quizzed the 34-year-old actor about his knowledge of romantic comedies, he implied the two actresses are too beautiful to play believable medical professionals.

When interviewer PattiGreco points out that Portman, 31, plays a "career-obsessed" doctor opposite Ashton Kutcher, Long interjects and says, "Yeah, she looks like doctors, doesn't she? She looks like most doctors I've been to."

Greco jokingly agrees that her doctors all resemble the Oscar winner. "So does Rachel Bilson in that show she's in, Hart of Dixie. She's search a doctor, "Long laughs." I'm glad she finally got to play that role because every time I've seen Rachel Bilson, I've always been like, 'Oh, she has this doctor thing about her.' "

(Bilson, 31, addressed such criticisms by filming a parody rap video for Funny or Die in January 2012. Ironically, Portman was mentioned in the "Call Me Doctor" lyrics: "Little bitty actresses tryna get they asses kissed / Make me wanna slap a bitch, put 'em on a blacklist / Five foot nothin', flow like Cam'ron / If Natalie get mad at me remind her who da Black Swan.")

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The original script for No strings attached was toned down dramatically before the movie premiered in January 2011. "It was f-cking awesome," Long says. "It was called F-ck Buddies."

Implying he was a bit disappointed by the final film, Long says he read the script because of his friendship with screenwriter Liz Meriwether. (He has since guest-starred on Meriwether's FOX comedy New girl, starring Zooey Deschanel.)

"I remember thinking, 'God, it's going to be really hard for them to make this. It's just so raw and frank. But, it was funny; really good," Long says of No strings attached. "Things just change. Things happen. It's a studio movie, and so I'm sure they were like, 'We love how gutsy it is, but...' I don't know. I've dealt with it. When they're spending that kind of money on a movie, you can't get away with certain things. "

Long's new romantic comedy, A case of you - which he co-wrote and stars in - premiered during the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City Apr. 21.