What is amol medicine


German [edit]

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Etymology [edit]

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Pronunciation [edit]

  • IPA(key): /(ˌ)Me.di.ˈtsiːn/, [ˌmeːdi-], [ˌmɛdi-], [medi-], [mədi-]

Noun [edit]

medicine f (genitivemedicine, PluralMedicines)

  1. medicine (the study of disease and treatment; the profession based thereon)
    He studies medicine. - He studies medicine.
    In the medicine there are many places. - There are a lot of jobs in medicine.
  2. (especially figuratively) medicine (healing substance or cure)
    Take yours medicine! - Take your medicine!
    Your love is mine medicine. - Your love is my medicine.

Declension [edit]

Singular Plural
indef.def.noun def.noun
nominative a the medicinethe Medicines
genitive one the medicinethe Medicines
dative one the medicinethe Medicines
accusative a the medicinethe Medicines

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Hunsrik [edit]

Pronunciation [edit]

Noun [edit]

medicine f

  1. medicine

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