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Corona Conspirators Compendium

Axel B.C. Krauss:
Doug Casey on how COVID lockdowns will translate into climate lockdowns.
https://axelkra.us/doug-casey-darueber-wie-covid-lockdowns-in-klima-lockdowns-uebergehen-haben/, May 14th, 2021.
Interview with Doug Casey

If you would like to pursue this train of thought a little further, you might even want to go into these 2 further analyzes:
Primary secondary literature:
> Corona, CO² and Co., 15.11.2020
Secondary primary literature:
> Climate change equals a change in consciousness - time for a new religion?, UFO, December 15, 2011

PS: Russia-Today:
Sweden rejects Bill Gates-funded experiment to attenuate sunlight.
https://de.rt.com/international/115334-zum-wohl-natur-schweden-rugt/, April 3rd, 2021.
The Swedish Space Society canceled an experiment funded by Bill Gates. It was to explore whether a darkening of the sun by aerosols could stop global warming. However, the project met with fierce opposition from environmental activists in Sweden.