How to clean water heaters with vinegar

How to clean a water heater

Every day, gallons of water go through a water heater, which deposits minerals that make cleaning difficult. However, failure to keep your boiler clean can lead to numerous problems. Using a reliable limescale, limescale, and rust cleaner or CLR cleaner can make cleaning easier.

This cleaner eats away mineral deposits where you can't get. Once you've chosen a good CLR cleaner, follow these steps to get started.

Step 1 - Disconnect the water inlet pipe

First, turn off the power on the switch box and cover the switch to prevent someone from turning it on while you are cleaning your water heater. Then disconnect the water supply line.

Step 2 - Drain some water

Take a water hose and attach it to the drain valve. Run the end of the hose into a basin where you can collect hot water. After unscrewing the water supply line, open the drain valve and allow enough time for the water from the heater to drain into the basin. Once the water has drained, close the valve.

Step 3 - Pour in the cleaner

Now slowly pour 1 gallon of your selected CLR cleaner into the inlet tube. Pour about 1 capsule at a time and allow it to enter the pipe without overflowing.

Step 4 - wait for the cleaner to work

Wait 5 hours for the CLR cleaner to dissolve any mineral deposits it can neutralize. You can test for neutralization by placing a plastic bag over the inlet tube and seeing if it inflates. If it puffs up, wait another hour to check again. If the bag does not inflate, the CLR cleaner has been neutralized.

Step 5 - Flushing the Heater

Next, flush the heater by reconnecting the inlet tube and opening the valve. Make sure the water has run through the heater for a few minutes to rinse it thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.

Step 6 - filling the heater

After closing the drain valve, turn on a tap to fill the water heater. You will see soapy water leaving the tap. Keep flowing the water from the faucet until the bubbles disappear.

Step 7 - Open all hot water

Flush all hot water taps from the building's plumbing by turning on all hot water taps. Let the water run for a few minutes. You might see water trickle out first. As soon as the water flows freely, turn off all hot water taps. If you continue to see bubbles for a few days, don't worry. The CLR cleaner has been neutralized and diluted so that it does no harm.

Step 8 - Turn on the heater

After making sure that all inlet and outlet connections are secure, turn the switch back on to restart the heater.

Step 9 - Perform Regular Maintenance

To avoid frequent cleaning, flush your tank monthly, and consider installing a water softener if your water is constantly filled with minerals. If your water heater is more than 7 years old, repeated cleaning may cause it to leak and it will need to be replaced.

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