How does the diff algorithm work

How does MyHammer work?

80,000 orders per month are waiting for craftsmen and service providers

With your MyHammer profile, potential clients will not only find you directly on MyHammer, but also on search engines such as Google.

In addition, you will receive suitable orders from your region daily in your profile & by email and you can contact clients via MyHammer. You always set your own price.

If you are interested in an order, you can actively express your interest in it. If the client is just as interested and answers your request, a so-called one is created Confirmed contact.

As part of the resulting conversation, you will automatically receive the client's contact details in order to clarify further details.

Have you done everything and your client is completely satisfied? Then collect positives directly through MyHammer reviews and build your good reputation on the internet.

How to become a member of MyHammer

You can register here for free for tradespeople & service providers:

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