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Power generator test 2021 • The 11 best power generators in comparison

What is a power generator and how does it work?

A power generator or else emergency generator is a device for generating electrical energy. Basically, there is extensive in all models congruence in terms of structure, because a power generator consists of a base frame, an engine, a fuel tank and a generator. Mostly will diesel or gasoline is used as fuel, gas generators are also occasionally available.

The power generator is usually sent by Cable or with one electrical Starter started. By means of fuel, the engine operated by the generator that drives the generator. A power generator thus converts Kinetic energy into electrical energy. You can use this electricity by connecting electrical devices to the sockets of the power generator.

Diagram showing the price-performance ratio of the power generators

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Areas of application - power generators in action

mobile Power generator are always used where there is no power connection, for example on campsites or on construction sites. Even with many do-it-yourselfers, the practical ones are Power generator popular and many garden owners use it maintenance larger plots when electricity is required for lawn mowers or other electrical garden tools.

They can also function as an emergency generator in the event of a power failure. In addition to mobile devices, there are also stationary power generators, but these are usually used in hospitals, nursing homes and similar facilities to enable an emergency power supply in the event of a power failure.

Also in Skyscrapers Emergency power generators are available, which make the operation more safety-relevant Systems guarantee.

What types of power generators are there?

Mostly come Converter power generator are used that are powered by diesel or gasoline. Regardless of the type of fuel, converters have the Disadvantage, that voltage fluctuations cannot be prevented, so they are not for the Power supply suitable for sensitive devices such as cell phones, tablets or laptops. For these devices are the more expensive and quieter inverter generators ideal, because the inverter technology prevents voltage fluctuations.

Most im trade available converter devices are gasoline power generators, which are in comparison work much quieter and smoother than the diesel variants. Due to the high gasoline prices, the operating cost here, however, a little higher. Diesel generators are cheaper to buy than petrol models, offer better performance values ​​and are significantly more robust in comparison. On the downside, however, are the higher volume and the rather restless Running behavior as well as the higher purchase price. There are also a few power generators that run on gas.

Brief information on the leading 7 manufacturers / brands

  • Berlan
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Denqbar
  • Eberth
  • Fuxtec
  • Honda
  • Zipper
The company, which was founded in 2007, has established itself in the field of construction and renovation equipment Berlandeveloped into a popular provider in Germany. The company's products range from high-pressure cleaners and power tools for do-it-yourselfers to robust power generators in various designs.
The US company, founded in 1908 and headquartered in Milwaukee, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of air-cooled gasoline engines. Provides per year Briggs & Strattonproduces more than 10 million motors, which are primarily used in construction and gardening equipment from various manufacturers. The other product range includes snow blowers, high-pressure cleaners, water pumps, power generators and suitable accessories for these products.
Convinced with great commitment and fair prices DenqbarCustomers all over Germany for more than ten years. The company deliberately does not use middlemen, sells its products itself and offers them exclusively online. The supplier's product portfolio includes, for example, products such as vibratory plates, garden shredders and power generators.
Eberthis a brand of Rocket-Tools GmbH from Berlin. The product range includes high-quality electrical devices and tools for the DIY and professional sector. The power generators are available as diesel and petrol versions.
The company based in Herrenberg-giltstein Fuxtecis another provider that offers its products exclusively online, does without intermediaries and sells them directly to end customers. In this way, Fuxtec can offer a good price / performance ratio and reduce additional costs that would arise from the intermediate trade. The product range includes numerous products such as protective equipment, garden tools and home improvement supplies.
Most people know the Japanese company Hondaprimarily as a manufacturer of cars and motorcycles. In addition to these vehicles, other products are also available from Honda, in particular lawnmowers, brushcutters and power generators.
The Austrian company Zipperwas founded in 2008 and offers a wide range of products aimed primarily at do-it-yourselfers and gardeners. Different products are available such as tilting saws, wood splitters, compressors and power generators.


This is how power generators are tested

Many consumers place great value on a test and comparison when you are looking for a new product. The test results usually serve as a good guide for decision-making and help to make the best choice. Institutes such as Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest regularly take an in-depth look test and comparison of different Products and services before. Do-it-yourself magazines such as “Do it yourself” also offer their readers a comprehensive product test at regular intervals, which is more diverse in a juxtaposition with similarity, difference and agreement Products deals.

The Test experts make sure in every study that the products are subjected to a detailed examination and analysis before the practical test. Before the real Qualifying Examination every product sample is examined in detail and the test experts pay attention to the product quality during control and inspection, Production defects and possible problems with the application.

Test & comparison: experiment, evaluation and test result

Most important point in the test and comparison is always the practice test run. The test Test experts in a practical experiment, how the respective product is used in practice and what service is offered. This practical product test is indispensable for the survey more relevant Test data, because this is the only way to determine whether the application smoothly is working. In addition, possible problems can be compared in a direct comparison and evaluated later.

After the practical test and comparison, the test experts create a comparison table after careful consideration and each product receives a test grade.

Now compare those Test experts the test results and choose the best one product to the comparison winner. The result of the test and comparison will ultimately be published and serve many consumers as an important aid in making a decision in favor of the best Product.

Important test criteria for power generators

The best device from a test and comparison however, it is not always the best choice for every consumer. First line different factors determine the Selection.

Fuel type

Most Power generator run on petrol or diesel. Occasionally gas power generators are also available that are operated with propane gas and are clearly more environmentally friendly be valid.

Purchase price

Not always is the most expensive Power generator also the best model at the same time. Look for a good one Price-performance ratio and don't lose sight of your budget. If you don't have a lot of money to buy a power generator, you can find a large one in stores selection cheaper models with good performance.


Especially in Residential areas with noise-sensitive neighbors, this point can be an important criterion. Diesel power generators are usually significantly louder than Gasoline engine. Due to the encapsulated design, inverters offer better Soundproofing properties and are therefore quieter.

Inverter or converter?

With a converter you cannot supply voltage-sensitive devices with power. Fluctuations in voltage can damage or even destroy devices such as cell phones, PCs or laptops. For these devices, inverters are the better choice, but they are in the rule are significantly more expensive.

Tank volume

If you have the Power generator only use it for short periods of time, a small tank volume is sufficient. For long term Calls however, a high tank volume of at least 20 liters is much more recommended.


The decisive factor here is whether a frequent change of location is necessary. If you do that device regularly transport want, a compact and lightweight power generator makes sense.


The recommended power depends on which one Intended use You want to use the generator.

Frequent defects and weak points - I have to pay attention to these when buying a power generator!

  • Delivery took place without operating materials

This is generally the case with all devices, as the suppliers are obliged to guarantee safety. If gasoline and oil were filled in before shipping, the operating materials could leak during the delivery process. The dispatch of a device with filled operating materials is not permitted.

  • Filling in the oil is tedious

The filling devices are not optimally solved for all power generators. Here you can pay attention to the corresponding reviews of other customers if you want to avoid this point.

  • Power generator is very noisy

If you are looking for a power generator that is as quiet as possible, you should prefer an encapsulated model with better soundproofing properties.

  • Grounding cable was not included in the scope of delivery

Encapsulated power generators do not require an earthing cable. If the instructions prescribe a ground wire but this accessory is missing, there may be a manufacturing error. In this case you should ask the seller or buy a grounding cable.

  • Too few connections for consumer devices

Pay attention to how many connections you need and take this into account when purchasing. Usually the number of connections is mentioned in the product description.

  • Starting with the rope pull is tedious

As an alternative to the pull starter, you can choose a device with a start button.

  • Power generator is very heavy

For mobile use (camping site, etc.), smaller and lighter models are recommended. Pay attention to the manufacturer's information in this regard.

Internet vs. specialist retailers: where should I buy my generator?

in the comparison to the Internetare the prices for Power generator significantly higher in stationary specialist retailers. The dealers also have to factor in high costs for shop rent and staff and can therefore use the lower prices of the Online shops mostly do not compete. In addition, you have to save a lot of time going through several shops for a price comparison - on the Internet, a comparison is different Price offers done with just a few clicks.

Most Power generator are also not lightweights, so the transport from the specialist dealer to your own property can be very arduous. If you have the Power generator Buy on the Internet, benefit from lower prices, excellent time savings and leave the power generator easy deliver to your doorstep.

These are the current power generator bestsellers on Amazon

ZIPPER power generator ZI-STE1200IV

The Power generator von Zipper is equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine petrol powered and offers a motor output of 1.1kW. Because of the inverter technology you can also operate sensitive devices such as tablets or cell phones with this generator. The tank capacity is 4.2 liters and the generator is started by Cable. Sales and shipping are carried out by a dealer based in Germany.

DENQBAR 2.2 kW inverter power generator

To the Equipment features The generator includes a digital display, an eco switch and an oil level indicator. The is started Single cylinder four-stroke engine by cable pull, the tank holds seven liters and the output is 2.2 kW. Sale and shipping are carried out by the manufacturer himself.

Endress power generator ESE 3000 BS 2.8kVA AVR with large tank

The engine power of the Generator is 2.8 kW. The device has a tank level indicator, a 4-in-1 display, automatic voltage regulation and a tank capacity of 20 liters for a long time Running time. The device is sold and shipped by a German Dealer, however, the shipping time is comparatively long at six to ten days.

Einhell petrol generator TC-PG 2500

With a maximum Engine power of 4 kW and a tank capacity of 15 liters can be a long-lasting Continuous operation be made possible.

The generator is started using a cable. The current voltage is displayed in the practical voltmeter.

The device is powered by Amazon sold and shipped.

Berlan gasoline generator BSTE3000

The powerful Petrol engine offers an output of 6.5 hp. Among the most important Equipment features include tank level indicators, overload switches, integrated protective plugs, overload protection and that Tank volume of 15 liters. The generator is sold and shipped by one German Dealers.

Stiftung Warentest & Heimwerkermagazine: Power generator test - the results

The team at Expert testing has dealt intensively with the search for a reliable test and comparison of different power generators. Unfortunately, the two best-known test institutes Ökotest and Stiftung Warentest do not yet have one Practical test carried out for this product category, so we cannot provide you with any Comparison winner present. During the research, however, the expert test crew turned to one test and comparison of the DIY magazine “Selbermachen”.

Just like the testers from Eco test and Stiftung Warentest, the DIY experts also carry out regular comparisons. When choosing, you focus solely on Products, those with the Areas Garden maintenance and home improvement related. Compared to Stiftung Warentest Usually fewer devices are compared per test run, but the procedure for comparison and practical test are largely similar. The test experts took a closer look at four devices from the manufacturers Endress, Herkules (Bauhaus), Honda and Makita.

Price and volume: criticism of the test experts

A Power generator is always used when there is no power outlet within reach and yet electrical Devices must be operated. For many consumers, the high purchase price is many equipment a crucial point of criticism and the test experts also see this point as a relevant hurdle. A compact device with good performance and closed Construction Usually costs significantly more than 1,000 euros. Open-plan power generators are significantly cheaper, but you have to expect a higher volume level.

The Test model from Makita was the quietest device in the test, but only offered an output of 700 watts. The Test experts recommend that you use a compact and enclosed power generator in a noise sensitive environment to avoid a dispute with the Neighbor to avoid if possible. If you have an open device prefer, this can cause displeasure among the neighbors, as these devices are comparatively noisy.

Good results & a convincing test winner

The tested model of Endress convinced the test experts on the whole line and was therefore chosen as the winner of the comparison. The testers rated the voltage stability, the splash-proof housing, the low noise level and the Shutdown in case of overload. Only the bad Start an engine at low temperatures, the lack of a fuel gauge and the inconvenience of carrying it were rated negatively.

The test experts chose the device from Herkules (Bauhaus) in second place. It has a large tank, is pleasantly voltage stable in the specified maximum range and shows comparatively good starting behavior. In addition, the generator has a fuel gauge and is the cheapest device in the test.

Third place was awarded by the Tester to Honda and rated at this model In particular, the compact housing, the high maximum load and the low level of noise pollution are positive. On the negative side, there is only the poor carrying ability and the missing fuel gauge. The Makita device also performed well overall. The compact ones are positive Casing, the low noise level and the good Starting behavior. Only the lack of switch-off in the event of an overload, the low continuous output, the missing fuel gauge and the poor carrying ability were criticized. With the devices from Makita and Endress, the testers also complained that there were problems with Filling in oil as overfilled oil may leak into the housing. In principle, all four models are recommendable and were each given an overall rating of “good” by the testers.

Numbers, data, facts about power generation

In addition to those already mentioned Power generators there are also PTO generators that are primarily used in the agricultural sector. This variant does not have its own motor and is usually connected to a tractor connected and driven by the PTO of the vehicle. PTO generators are comparatively cheap to buy and have to be serviced significantly less often.

For the Home improvement these models are rather unsuitable due to the lack of an engine. In addition to the large stationary generators in Hospitals, Substations and other buildings also have larger mobile devices that are portable or based on Followers are mounted. You come first line Used by the fire brigade, THW and disaster control.

History of electrification

electricity is a natural phenomenon and by no means a human invention. One of the most spectacular Manifestations is the lightning bolt, which is Spark discharge or arc shows. Pioneers such as William Gilbert, Otto von Guericke, Alessandro Volta and Benjamin Franklin have made significant contributions to the research over the years. The energy transfer via Alternating current was founded in 1886 by the inventor Nicola Tesla. In Germany, electrification spread further in the 1920s and increasingly reached rural areas.

7 tips for the care and maintenance of the generator

Tip 1

Tip 1

Check the equipment level of the device regularly.

Tip 2

Tip 2

Remove dust and dirt from the housing after each use.

Tip 3

Tip 3

Check the air filter regularly.

Tip 4

Tip 4

Pay attention to the spark plugs and replace obsolete ones early.

Tip 5

Tip 5

Carry out a comprehensive functional check and thorough cleaning at least once a year.

Tip 6

Tip 6

Drain the gasoline / diesel and oil when storing the device.

Tip 7

Tip 7

Store the generator in a clean and dry location and cover it against dust and dirt.


Can a generator also be used indoors?

The use of Power generators in closed rooms is strictly forbidden because Carbon monoxide can form.

What is carbon monoxide?

It is a highly toxic and odorless and colorless gas. When inhaled, it disrupts the transport of oxygen and leads to within a short time Suffocation.

Can a diesel generator be operated with heating oil?

Yes - this is possible and according to the Energy Tax Act (EnergieStG) § 3 expressly permitted.

What does the specification dB (A) mean?

The Abbreviation stands for decibels and designates the sound power level of the Device.

Is it possible to use a generator as an emergency generator for a single family home?

Under certain requirements this is possible, but the unit should be outside the house. You can choose between an automatic or manual emergency power supply Toggle switch used to connect the unit to the house.

What do the abbreviations IP23 and IP54 mean?

In the private sector you can Aggregates with protection class IP23 can be used. The protection class IP54 is for the Commercial area prescribed because these devices are better against Splashing water and dust are protected.

What is the difference between kVA and kW?

The abbreviation kVA stands for Kilo-Volt-Ampere and denotes the Apparent power and kW stands for the active power.

Alternatives to the power generator

If you are in the Proximity a power source, they can alternatively be connected to a Cable drum extend the range of the power supply a little.

For safety reasons, it is imperative that you do not chain multiple cable drums!

At the camping holiday this is usually not possible, but you can also use a portable one here Battery packuse that for the power supply of a lamp or enough to charge the cell phone. A hair dryer or Power tools Unfortunately, you cannot operate it with a battery pack.

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How does a power generator work?

A power generator, also known as a power generator or emergency generator, can generate electrical energy independently of the power grid. Gasoline or diesel are used as the energy source, which is converted into electricity by the generator. In the event of a power failure, electrical devices can continue to run. Power generators are also used where there is no electricity anyway - i.e. at outdoor events, construction sites or camping.

Which power generator has the best customer ratings?

The Berlan gasoline generator BSTE3000 - 2800 watt has the best ratings on Amazon. 194 buyers gave an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars. Buyers use the compact power generator z. B. at festivals, for the electric chainsaw in the forest or (interestingly) for the vacuum cleaner.

How much gasoline does a power generator use?

How much gasoline a generator uses depends entirely on which devices you connect. To give you a rough idea, you can assume that a smaller gasoline generator will provide 10 liters of electricity for around 24 hours. This is suggested by our evaluation of customer reviews.

How strong does a power generator have to be?

The power generator should have about four to six times the wattage of the electrical devices that you want to use. If you want to connect a 600 watt device, the power generator should deliver 3600 watts (6 x 600 watts).

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