160 ml corresponds to the number of glasses

160ml lintel jar complete WECK RR60

WECK mini tumbler jar 160 ml with glass lid, rubber ring and 2 clamps

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The elegant mason jars have been used for preserving for 100 years, but are also becoming increasingly popular in other areas. Whether as a packaging jar, for the original serving of desserts, cakes and other dishes, as a spice jar or for decorative purposes, the jars are versatile.

Complete set Consists of glass base, glass lid, rubber ring, 2 clips. WECK glasses have been around for over 100 years used for preserving. The quality from back then still convinces hobby cooks and professionals today. The cheap glasses are nowadays for many purposes used: For sustainable packaging, for decorative storage or for serving desserts, cakes and other dishes.

Cleaning and use

All parts are dishwasher-safe, oven-safe and, with the exception of the metal clips, suitable for the microwave. Temperature resistant from -30 ° to 180 ° (rubber ring up to 120 °) Celsius.

Stacking tumblers: To save space, tumblers are often stacked one inside the other. You're welcome always a cushioning material between the glasses lay. Are very good Kitchen paper towels suitable for this. Without intermediate pad tilt the glasses are almost inextricably linked. Or break unnoticed on the inside of the opening. You can then cut yourself at the sharp edges.

Details and specifications

The size specifications for the WECK "RR" (R.andR.and) System: The WECK system has 5 different glass openings: RR40, RR60, RR80, RR100 and RR120. The names are made up of the letters "RR (= round edge)" plus indication of the diameter in mm. RR40, for example, means round edge with an opening of 40 mm. When putting together glasses, lids and accessories in the WECK system, the "RR" values ​​match - and everything fits.

  • Nominal volume: 160 ml
  • Weight: 150 g
  • height: 80 mm
  • mouth: 60 mm
  • Lid and ring size: RR60
  • quality: German brand quality. Lower part and lid made of clear glass. Glass is a tried and tested material with many advantages: Free from harmful substances, hygienic, easy to clean and 100% eco, as it is very easy to recycle.
  • scope of delivery: The jar comes with a lid, a red rubber ring and two silver clips.

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