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Joaquin Phoenix: Walking barefoot

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​again casual after the Oscar hype: barefoot and with a long beard, he strolled with his model girlfriend across a parking lot

Joaquin Phoenix dressed up for the Academy Awards: In a well-fitting suit, he appeared at the gala, where he was nominated for his performance in "The Master". He had emphasized in advance that he didn't really care about prices. In his private life, the actor likes to be casual. It was not until Tuesday (March 12) that he was spotted with shaggy hair, a full beard and barefoot in a parking lot on Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

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image The 38-year-old was accompanied by his model friend Heather Christie. The blonde also showed herself in a relaxed leisure look, wore dark sunglasses and had taken off her heavy biker boots. According to "", the two have been a couple for almost a year. Phoenix officially appeared at the 26-year-old's side at the Toronto Film Festival last September and posed with her on the red carpet at the premiere of "The Master".

Christie knows her way around show business: she was in a relationship with the singer of the "Red Hot Chilli Peppers", Anthony Kiedis, for three years. With him she has five-year-old son Everly Bear. According to the "New York Daily News" Phoenix should get along brilliantly with the little one.

Incidentally, after the success with "The Master", Joaquin Phoenix is ​​again planning numerous film projects. He has just shot the drama "Lowlife" with Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Renner, and now he is preparing for the crime thriller "Inherent Vice", in which he plays a drug addict detective.