How the Sousa Brain Learns Chapter 1


How do we actually learn? How does what we see, smell, taste, hear and feel come into our brain and why is it so stressful when we concentrate? Ilka aus der Mark and Ismeni Walter explain in short films for the WDR what happens in our brain.

In their three WDR educational films, the authors accompany the three friends Mike, Felicitas and Christian through the day and explain in short animated film sequences what happens in the brains of the three when they sleep, play basketball or have to concentrate on boring school material. Brain researcher Manfred Spitzer explains how we learn and even has some tips ready on how to learn vocabulary better.

WDR has made the films available on the Planet Schule website:

Filmlink: How does our brain absorb stimuli? (& copy flat screen / WDR)
In the "Concentrate" section, the two authors accompany Mike to school.
In five film sections it is explained, among other things, how we absorb information, why you no longer have to think while cycling and why it is so exhausting to concentrate on boring material at school.
Filmlink: How does our brain learn new things? (& copy flat screen / WDR)
In "Learn!" watch Felicitas dream and explain what is going on in your brain when you tie your new wrap top.
Five film sections show what happens when we learn new things, what learning strategies there are, why learning makes you happy and how learning vocabulary becomes easier.
Filmlink: How does memory work? (& copy flat screen / WDR)
And in "Erinnere Dich", Walter and Mark Christian's memories come to life.
In five film sections you will learn how memory works, why we sometimes remember things that never happened, why we forget passwords and how sleep helps us learn new things.