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Forex Strategy Builder Professional. Fast and easy strategy creation. Multiple tests. Fully functional Expert Advisors. Wy Forex Strategy Builder Professsional doesn't care. I am happy with my extremely low risk approach and many of the strategies are excellent - FSB is fantastic software, I can thank you enough for creating it. I am currently active with over 40 strategies for a few months and have had very exciting successes so far. I just started a free trial yesterday, 24 hours back and I already have an EA loaded into MT4 and a winning trade was generated too. Amazing software and really fantastic support to help wiling with Mr Popov so I also have a free trial with Made another software and unable to understand anything even after a week. The whole experience is fantastic. I program and test an expert for about two months on MT4. I do this for 2 days with the Strategy Builder. It saves me a huge amount of time. Even the high priced software will have difficulty meeting this one FSB Pro already offering most of the features of one of the similar software, no matter the price. David MacKay BlaiserBoy. I remember the beginning and early days of FSB and FST development It was a tremendous development in fact The latest FSB Pro is way beyond my expectations Several years ago I can't imagine myself running such great software in my computer can. I just want to congratulate you on your brilliant feature called Strategy Generator. This is what separates your software from all of your competitors. Backtest with MT4 is sloooooooooooooooow I a lot more like lightning speed from FSB. I'm hungarian, i work in korea and your software save me a lot of work in back testing and trading. Very precise work, flawless programming, i appreciate it, keep up. Mr Botond Molnar. First of all, Thank you so much for Popov for your development and passion making this software, I want to tell you that my family's life is drastically forced because you program your unique gifts that program something so special for us. What I really like in Forex Strategy Builder is the ability to see the results right away without the need to click the start button in MetaTrader over and over but it's so fast that I keep wondering if the result is up real or not. Forex Strategy Builder also offers a strategy generator that enables even a whole newbie to create a strategy with the click of a button. After the strategy has been generated, you can read the detailed explanation in the overview. Forex Strategy Builder Professional uses detailed technical analysis and professional tools to dissect forex trading strategies, offering you a strategy editor, generator and optimizer to get your market plan out of action. Alexandra Savin on SoftPedia. I am amazed, actually, humbled by seeing how good this software is. Forex Strategy Builder Professional versus MetaTrader. Forex Strategy Builder Professional FSB Pro is a full feature platform for creating, backtesting and analyzing forex strategies and exporting Expert Advisors It is not affiliated with any single broker The program uses MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 to trade on one Broker of your choice. Forex Strategy Builder Professional is the perfect complement to MetaTrader. Zorro features. Since the 1990s, private traders have been able to use the internet to access the financial markets. Several trading platforms - the most popular being MetaTrader4 MT4 - offer automated trading functions, but they are mainly designed for manual trading and do not support the research, development and serious testing of algorithmic strategies Trading Platform Comparison Consequently, private traders are usually not successful with automated trading and those who normally don t use trading platforms, but mostly self-written software. Zorro is the first free platform for research, exploration, development, testing and execution of algorithmic strategies for trading stocks, forex, indices, ETFs and other financial instruments at a serious level. It can either be used as a stand-alone system with a direct broker connection or as an investment in a Trading platform such as MetaTrader4, which is used to get price quotes and send commands to the broker. Zorro connected to MetaTrader4. Converting a trading idea into an automated trading system, testing and trading it is much easier and faster with Zorro than with traditional platforms Here is a small video course on developing a simple daily trading system. Lite-C, simple scripting language with C syntax. Extremely simple strategies only require a few lines of script. True machine code compiler for fast back tests 8 times faster than MQL4, 100 times faster than Python, 400 times faster than R. String, file and vector matrix function library. Event driven Immediate reaction to price ticks. No limits Full access to the Windows API and external DLLs. R Bridge Add R functions in trading, training and backtest. Sytax highlighting script editor with command help window. Script code can easily be converted to or from other platforms. Single step mode for debugging trade strategies. Lite-C strategy programming course included. Traditional AC, ADO, ADX, ADXR, Alligator, AO, APO, Aroon, AroonOsc, ATR, ATRS, AvgPrice, Bollinger Bands, BBOsc, BOP, CCI, Chikou, CMO, Coral, Chaikin Volatility, Chandelier Stop, Main Focus MA, Donchian Channel, DCOsc, DEMA, DPO, DX, EMA, Fraktal Hochwertig, hair Ashi, HighestHigh, Hull MA, Ichimoku, IBS, Keltner Channel, Linear Regression, LowestLow, MAMA, MACD, MedPrice, MidPoint, MidPrice, - DI, -DM, Mom, MA Variable Period, NATR, PPO, ROC, RSI, SAR, SIROC, SMA, SMOM, StdDev, Stochastic, StochRSI, T3, TEMA, Trima, Trix, TrueRange, TSF, TSI, TypPrice, Ultimate Oscillator, Variance, volatility, WCLPrice, WilliamsR, WMA, Zero-Lag MA, ZigZag. Advanced Arnaud Legoux Moving Average, Automatic Gain Control, Bandpass Filter, Currency Strength, Beta Value, Butterworth Filter, Decycle, Dominant Period, Dominant Phase, Ehlers Universal Oscillator, Fisher Transform, Fisher Inverse, Fractal Dimension, Gauss Filter, Highpass Filter, Hilbert Transform, Hurst Exponent, Kaufman Adaptive MA, Laguerre Filter, Lowpass Filter, Median Filter, MESA Adaptive Moving Average, Markt Meanness Index, Moment 1 4, Normalize Filter, Pattern Detection, Pearson's Correlation, Polyfit, Polynomial, Relative Vigor Index, Roofing Filter, Seasonal, Shannon Gain, Spearman Correlation, Spectral Analysis. Predefined Patterns 2 Crows, 3 Black Crows, 3 Inside, 3 Line Strike, 3 Outside, 3 Stars in the South, 3 White Soldiers, Abandoned Baby, Advance Block, Belt Hold, Cancel, Close Marubozu, Hide Baby Swallow, Counterattack, Dark Cloud Cover , Doji, Doji Star, Dragonfly Doji, Engulfing, Evening Doji Star, Evening Star, Up Down Gap, Tombstone Doji, Hammer, Hanging Man, Harami, Harami Cross, High Wave, Hikkake, Hikkake Modified, Homing Dove, Identic 3 Crows, In Neck, Inverted Hammer, Kick, Kick Length, Ladder Bottom, Long Legged Doji, Long Line, Marubozu, Matching Low, Mat Hold, Morning Doji Star, Morning Star, On Neck, Piercing, Rickshaw Man, Ascent Case 3 Methods, Dividing Lines , Shooting Star, Short Line, Spinning, Stall Pattern, Stick Sandwich, Takuri, Tasuki Gap, Thrusting, Tri-Star, Unique 3 Rivers, Upside Gap, Up Down Gap 3 Methods, Arbitrary Custom Bars Range, Renko, Point-and-Figure, Haiken Ashi . Source code of most indicators included Simple interface to add your own indicators. Data mining machine learning. Curve pattern recognition with Fr Chet algorithm. Curve spectrum analysis with filter bank and Hilbert transformation. Correlation and Autocorrelation Analysis. Fuzzy logic for peak valley, crossover and pattern recognition. Algorithm generator with multivarate logistic regression Perceptron. Algorithm generator with pruned decision tree. Algorithm generator for price-action trading with patterns of up to 20 variables. Generated trade algorithms can be exported to other platforms in C code. Machine learning framework that uses arbitrary R-training and prediction functions. Download function for historical prices from various sources. Analysis and optimization. Multi-asset, multi-timeframe, multi-algorithm portfolio analysis. High test speed up to 100 times faster than MetaTrader4, single run and step-by-step back tests. Precise broker simulation taking into account fees, margin, spread, swap, slippage. Out-of-Probe Test Using Multiple Data Split Methods. Anchored and Rolling Walk Forward Analysis WFA. Uses multiple CPU cores for parameter training and machine learning. Bootstrap Monte Carlo Analysis with Randomized Price and Equity Curves. Calculation of Sharpe Ratio, AR, CAGR, R2. User-defined optimization target. Separate parameter optimization for portfolio components. Robustness consistency analysis through oversampling. Adjustable time offsets for feed-independent price data. Detrending on price, signal or trade level. Sine, square wave and noise generators for algorithm tests. Optimal capital allocation factor calculation with MVO and OptimalF algorithms. Seasonal analysis with day, week, month or year profiles. Tick ​​mode for precision, bar mode for speed. Automatic price history download and update. Balance curve and trade list import export for performance analysis. Includes minute- and tick-based price data for major currencies and indices. Detailed performance sheet with portfolio analysis. Bar, line, point or band chart for indicators or user-defined functions. Statistics charts for price, profit, season and parameter profiles. Profit and MAE distribution charts. Line and symbol drawing functions. Detailed trade statistics export to spreadsheet programs. User-defined data export in data files. Trading engine. All asset types stocks, forex, futures, CFDs, ETFs, options. Connect thousands of brokers IB, FXCM, Oanda, directly or through MT4 bridge. Access historical and live data from Yahoo and Quandl. Identical software for testing and trading guarantees reproducible results. Customer-defined strategy control panels with user-defined buttons and input fields. Native portfolio support with multiple assets, algorithms and time frames. Symbol mapping and broker-dependent parameters. Download and simulate futures and options chains. Time frames from 100 milliseconds to 1 month. Tick-precise trade entry exit handling with custom execution algorithms. Entry limit, stop loss, profit target, profit lock, trailing, timed exit. Virtual hedging Simultaneous long and short virtual positions. Full NFA and FIFO compliance for US-based accounts. Money management with OptimalF position sizing. Realtime Trade Simulation Phantom Trades for Equity Curve Trading. Realtime parameter adjustment with customizable sliders. Realtime parameter optimization without interrupting the trade process. Trade entry time adjustable with millisecond resolution. Open API interface for easy implementation of a broker API source code included. Open API interface for connection to external signal services. Remote control of external programs by sending keystrokes and button Klicksmand Line parameters for starting Zorro from external programs. No high-end hardware required runs on any old PC or cheap notebook. Automatic re-login and seamless restart in the event of Internet or PC failures. Minimum requirements Win XP 7 8 10, 1 GB RAM, Internet access. Runs on cloud servers VPS with Windows Server 2003 2008 2012 2016. Customized versions. Open concept all file formats and interface structures are documented. New functions can easily be added through user plugins. Custom trade control panels. Custom re-labeled Zorro versions available on request. Zorro source code licenses available on request. Included Z strategies. Ready-to-run autotrading strategies included. Z1 Trend following system with spectral analysis. Z2 Medium Reversion System With Fisher transform. Z3 price cluster based trading system. Z7 price pattern based system with machine learning algorithm. Z8 Long-term trading system through portfolio optimization. Z12 Anticorrelation based trend countertrend system. All algorithms are explained in the tutorial or on the Financial Hacker Blog. Low capital requirement of 500. Financial trading has great potential rewards, but also great potential risk. You must be aware of the risks involved in using this automated trading software. Check with your broker what risks are involved. Don t invest money you can t afford to lose. Zorro version 1 54 has been released and is available on the download page. This version contains a system for simulating and trading options and futures, functions for loading and accessing databases from Yahoo and Quandl, arbitrary format CSV import, a seasonal indicator , As well as many other exciting new features, see the full feature list on the What's New page. A comparison chart of Zorro vs TradeStation vs Metatrader can be found on the FAQ page. Note that the internet is full of trading algorithms to help you analyze the entire forex market, this useful application will allow you to create your own strategies based on your trading preferences and currencies. Forex Strategy Builder is well worth a comprehensive and effective application if you want to define your own trading strategies and analyze the evolution of the forex market. Before using the utility you need to set your trading rules, then your balance will immediately show the generated results You have the option of the maximum number of ambiguous bars, the minimum profit per day and the maximum equity drawdown, then analyze each bar and its details such as loss of profit, average price, commission and back test. Thanks to its automatic system generator that it comes with Forex Strategy Builder allows you to quickly develop a marketing strategy based on personal details Its main purpose is To achieve an optimal balance and meet the chosen criteria. Still, one aspect that is worth noting is that if you want to create a complete forex strategy, there are no locked indicator slots and the generation of a new strategy at each start option has to be gone. What's more, you have the option to use the generator function if you want to find out how a particular indicator can be implemented in practice by creating a balance line that is visible on the screen as it is processed It is used with the Strategy Optimizer, which loads the current strategy with all predefined parameters and randomly selects some of the coefficients for the optimization. Forex Strategy Builder gives you easy to use menus with all indicator parameters and logic and you can create your personal trading strategy within seconds. Furthermore, because of the sophisticated methods that the application uses, the results generated are close to real forex dealing. New in Forex Strategy Builder 3 8 2 0.Fixed a bug where the backtester opens position with amount of 0 lots, if Trade until Margin Call Option is switched off, the account balance is negative and the strategy entry unit is percentage. Fixed a possible problem with indicators, the open position AtBarOpening and the signal component is not the first. Fixed a possible problem with indicators that close position AtBarClosing and the signal component is not the first. Read the full changelog. Part of this download collections forex clients.