How to read bazi natal chart

How do you read your star map?

Astrology is a discipline that has always fascinated many generations. The consultation of an astrologer has seduced man, no matter what epoch he lived in. Whereas astrologers used to be in the service of kings, today anyone can consult an astrologer to gain access to the important information about life. In astrology there is something called a star map. It is the horoscope of heaven at the exact time of birth. Reading the star map is one of the most popular divination services.

How do you read your natal chart?

Any professional astrologer can understand star maps. Various elements come into play in reading a star chart, including the exact date and time of birth, the place of birth, the position of the planets in the solar system, and the orientation of the earth. All of these elements represent a very accurate picture of the celestial horoscope at the time of birth. Before reading, it is important to understand the meanings of the most important elements such as the astrological planets, astrological houses and astrological signs. To read, the star map is read counterclockwise. You should observe the signs in houses, the planets in signs, the planets in houses, the planetary transits, and the angles formed between the elements.

What can a star map reveal?

The star map reveals a lot of things. It can reveal your various internal mechanisms, such as your strengths that you have not yet experienced, your weaknesses and strengths that you do not yet know, your definitive developments, your uniqueness ... It can also reveal your personality, your talents and your possibilities define. If you turn to an astrologer who is able to understand your star map, you will discover yourself even more. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses could help you live better. All you have to do is provide the exact time and date of your arrival on earth and the exact place of your birth.

How can you be sure of your star map?

While it is possible to learn about astrology and its branches through the collections, the best ways to learn is through training provided by professionals in the field, blogs, and tips available online ... ... should be Reading your star horoscope can be done by an experienced and professional astrologer. This professional will help you understand your natal chart effectively. From now on, you no longer have to travel to consult a reliable astrologer. Just visit reliable divination sites and astrologers will be on hand to read your natal chart for you. It is advisable to do your research on both the website and the astrologer for reliable information.