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Easiyo - a yogurt the world doesn't need

There is a lot of talk about this yogurt, which is supposed to be so tasty, and it's easy to make. So the statements of people who have already bought the yoghurt and also the only wholesaler in Germany, a well-known teleshopping broadcaster, advertises this product as if there was nothing better. So I gave myself a push after reading the many customer opinions on the teleshopping station, and I also found some at a large online retailer that sounded similarly promising. I have radically changed my diet for 8 weeks. Pay close attention to what I eat, especially carbohydrates, sugar, fat, and more. So I ordered this miracle yogurt for a self-test.

The package with the miracle yoghurt reached me very quickly, so that I could start right away. I ordered the “mini” yoghurt maker for this test.

Depending on the offer that is currently being advertised by the teleshopping broadcaster, there is either a large pack with 4 sachets of milk powder, which can be processed into 1kg of yoghurt each. There is also the yoghurt maker and the container for mixing. The price is juicy. Not a cheap affair at 41.00 euros plus shipping. For the single household there is a set with a yoghurt maker "mini", also with the container for mixing and 9 bags, each with 500g milk powder. Of course, this miracle powder is available in all imaginable flavors, also to buy later. The prices are just as steep. Depending on the composition of the varieties, the prices vary between 27 - 40 euros, plus shipping of course.

First I took a close look at the packaging, it looked valuable at first glance. One thing struck me, however, that the English language dominated. I will explain why that was the case later.

So go ahead, I followed the instructions and prepared 500g vanilla milk powder for 500g yogurt. To do this, the powder must be poured into the container provided and topped up with lukewarm water. Put boiling water up to the level in the yoghurt maker. Then shake the container with the milk powder well and place in the maker and close tightly. Now it's time to wait 12 hours.

After 12 hours, I then freed the yogurt from its heat bath. When I unscrewed the container with the milk powder, I was surprised at first. It actually became yogurt. A light film of whey had settled on top of the yoghurt, but this is not tragic.

With great expectations of enjoyment, I stabbed this miracle yogurt with a spoon. The first bite landed on my tongue. The vanilla taste was good, it did not taste like artificial vanilla and the consistency was normal for a yoghurt in terms of firmness.

According to the seller of this miracle powder at the teleshopping station, it only contains the very best ingredients. Fresh pasture milk from free-range cows - oh and probiotic, too - but you shouldn't write that on the packaging, because these probiodes would probably only begin to live when the yoghurt is made. And anyway, it would be the best thing I can have for breakfast in the morning because it's so healthy. But a look at the quantities for sugar, fats and co. Can quickly make this wonder powder appear in a different light. The supposedly healthy yogurt turns out to be a promoter of the kilos on the hips, but not to eat healthily.

It is undisputed that the miracle powder can be processed into a mass that has a consistency similar to yogurt. The taste is not artificial. Strength is achieved through emulsifiers. There are also coloring and flavoring substances in this powder, which is imported from New Zealand.

This also explains why the packaging labels are mostly only available in English. Older consumers will find it difficult to read the small print, which is also available in German.

A look at the ingredients does not reveal anything good. For every 100g of this mass, depending on the taste, there is up to 7g of sugar or more. The carbohydrates are no less few and the fat content of almost 6g per 100g is not easy to talk away.

For a healthy diet, as it is promised here, this product is not suitable.

If I compare that with a commercial natural yoghurt in a 500g cup, which costs 0.60 euros on average and enriches it with fresh fruit, I get a better basis for the start of the day than this imported wonder powder. Furthermore, this miracle powder always has to be purchased from this teleshopping station, I could not find another trade source, which is very restrictive for me as a consumer. In order to have a moderate supply of this powder in the house when a lot of yoghurt is eaten, expenses of well over 100 euros plus shipping can quickly arise. Expenses that should be better invested in healthy products tailored to your own diet.

All in all, this product didn't convince me at all. The only thing that works is the marketing, which somehow has to be paid for because of the high prices.