What is web browser interception

Interception of data, § 202 b StGB

Anyone who uses technical means to obtain unauthorized data from public data transmission or from electromagnetic radiation from a data processing system that is not intended for himself or someone else will be punished with imprisonment of up to two years or a fine if the act is not specified in other regulations with more severe regulations Punishment is threatened.

The offense of the interception of data was inserted into the Criminal Code with the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 11.08.2007.

In addition to the legal norms already in the Criminal Code that serve to protect privacy and trade secrets (e.g. Sections 201, 202a StGB, Sections 98, 148 TKG), the acquisition of data from non-public data transmission or from the electromagnetic radiation of a data processing system are made a criminal offense.

It is irrelevant whether unauthorized data from telephone, e-mail or fax traffic is intercepted.

The widespread penetration into foreign and often unprotected WLAN networks is therefore punishable according to § 202 b StGB if one obtains third-party data in the course of unauthorized intrusion.

The offense will only be prosecuted at the request of the injured party, unless the public prosecutor affirms that there is a public interest in the prosecution. The mere attempt to intercept data is not a criminal offense.