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Snow White by Nico, battery fireworks

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With the Snow White fireworks battery, Nico Europe brings a real professional cake to the F2 ... more
Product information "Snow White"
With the Snow White fireworks battery, Nico Europe is bringing out a real professional cake in the F2 New Year's Eve fireworks. The Nico Snow White has 88 rounds of silver tail comets with white flashing star bouquets, which are fired as an x-shape fan. This is usually only found in the large fireworks area. Although the burning time is relatively short, it is a unique and spectacular experience. Ideal for use in the finals.

  • Item number: 96509
  • Manufacturer: Nico
  • Category: 2
  • Dangerous goods class: 1.4G
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Effect type: only one effect
  • Direction of action: fanned out
  • Firing sequence: one after the other
  • quiet effect: no
  • Replacement fuse: yes
  • electrical lighting: no