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Solved: Win7: how to change disk volume from dynamic back to basic?

Help! Free partition / disk converter? how do i change disk volume from dynamic back to basic?

i have a

HP Pavillion Dv6-2150us
Windows7 HomePremium 64-bit

This all happened when i wanted to create a partition for XP so i can daul -boot

(ok me not knowing anything about this)
I accidently changed my main hard drive from basic to dynamic in the partition manager
on my windows 7 home premium 64-bit I wanted to create a new partition but for some reason it gave me a strange message about changing the volumes from "basic to dynamic" so i accepted
it asked me this when i wanted to create a new volume for my allocated space

when i tried this on my other laptop which has the Windows 7 home premium 32 bit IT NEVER ASKED ME to change the volumes to dynamic from basic (primary) and i made a new partition with no problems and they all stayed basic

so what the heck is going on ?????

how can i change my disk back to basic from dynamic?

i already tried using Dynamic Disk Converter (every article online says to use it) but the program doesnt seem to work on my laptop

I already made a backup of my entire hard drive so it wont matter if i have to reformat

but is there any free software out there that would let me convert it for free? the only ones i found that do this make you pay for it

If there is any free software or any method for converting this back to basic from dynamic i will try it
I don't care if I have to format my hard drive I already made a system image of the whole thing to an external hard drive
thanks in advance