What are pokemon cards worth 2012

These 10 rare Pokémon cards will make you rich

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Do you also have one of these valuable Pokémon treasures in your basement?
Collect Pokémon and get rich in the process? A dream for everyone who haggled hard for tickets in the schoolyard at the turn of the millennium. There are a number of treasures hidden under the now more than 7,000 cards. Do you have a small fortune slumbering in the storeroom? We have selected the most expensive rarities!

10. Ishihara GX Promo (approx. € 11,500)

Tsunekazu Ishihara, President of the Pokémon Company, gave away this special promo card at the Pokémon World Championships 2018. It was his 60th birthday.
The artwork and the entire picture composition make the card a real eye-catcher. Due to the circumstances of its issue, it is also rare. So far, only 4 of these cards have been given marks by the American PSA condition evaluation. The best rating was a 9/10.

9. Skyridge Charizard (approx. € 14,000)

There were a few Pokémon trading cards that could be read with the Gameboy Advance's e-reader. Bonus items for games or mini-games could then be found on these.
The last set that could contain these e-cards was Skyridge. A Charizard card with a condition rating of 10 by the Beckett rating service was able to achieve a price of € 14,000. Beckett is known for being strict about assessing conditions. A 10 rating for the competitor PSA achieved "only" around € 2,000

8th Battle Road Summer 2005 tournament promo (approx. € 14,500)

Victory Orb cards were issued for the top 3 Battle Road tournaments. Such a card, in the Summer 2005 version, in perfect condition, could achieve this extremely high price.
Due to their low availability, Victory Orb cards from all years are very popular with collectors. The 2005 version, however, shows the popular Pokémon Mew, which is why it is considered the best variant of the card.

7. Magikarp - Tamamushi University Promo (approx. € 16,000)

Of course, the cult Pokémon Magikarp is also one of the most valuable cards! Again, it was a prize for an unusual Pokémon tournament. In 1998, Shogukakan Magazine asked elementary school students to perform various tasks and submit their results to Tamamushi University. The students who passed the test were invited to a tournament lasting several days and everyone who won at least one game in this tournament was rewarded with one of the special Magikarp. Originally 1,000 of these cards were printed - but significantly fewer were already issued during the tournament and today many of the cards are lost.

6. Rayquaza Gold Star (approx. € 18,000)

Goldstar cards are marked with a gold star at the end of their name. These are special collection variants of regular cards from the different sets.
This Rayquaza card comes from the EX Deoxys set. The price of € 18,000 refers to a card in absolutely perfect condition, in English.

5. L-P Master’s Key (approx. € 20,000)