What is Tyson Beckford Height and Weight

How tall is Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford's Height

6ft 0 (182.9 cm)

American Model and Actor. In a 2012 London Evening Standard interview, it mentioned how "in his late teens a sudden growth spurt took him from 5ft 8in and 145lb to 6ft 1in and 185lb" and in a Q&A within the article he gave "Height 6ft 1½in" other "Weight 88kg [194lbs]".

Photo by Debby Wong / BigStock.com

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Average Guess (19 Votes)
5ft 11.57in (181.8cm)
Stevo said on 3 / Oct / 20
@Bland Gandy in a heartbeat. Tyson is a bit old now. O'pry is too pretty for real world girls. Gandy all day.

As for height? Tyson looks no more than 5'11 to me
Blanc said on 15 / Aug / 20
Would you rather look like Gandy or Beckford or O'Pry? No homo btw
peaky4 said on 10 / May / 20
Hi Rob what's the difference here in cm between Slater and Beckford? Curious If we coincide ...
Click here
Editor Rob
viper said on 30 / Dec / 19
Both Tyson and 50 are 5-11
Jtm said on 26 / Dec / 19
He looks taller than 50 cents when they are standing side by side but I doubt 50 cents is the nearly 6'0 listed here.
actionboy said on 24 / Dec / 19
@Rob yes maybe but Naomi is listed at 5'9 and average guess is 5'8.5 for her. If you compare them I see a flat 5'11 Tyson Beckford not 6'0
viper said on 1 / Nov / 19
5-11 max.

Can't believe he claimed 6-1.5
Nik Ashton said on 1 / Nov / 19
He ain’t as tall as Jermaine Beckford!
Rampage (-_-_-) Clover said on 19 / Jun / 19
Very consistent with his claim
Hijoputamus said on 16 / Jun / 19
Rob, once again Tyson says he's almost 6ft2
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Editor Rob
In boots I can believe it
c-mo said on 15 / Jun / 19
very good looking man. I think he is 183-184cm. I dont think 5'11 flat is possible unlike what some guys here say
viper said on 18 / Feb / 19
I knew he was 5-11 back in 2005.
Mileno5'9 "said on 18 / Feb / 19
Rob he is a classic 180-181 guy no more. Maybe he is 6'0 right after bed Rob.
NHL 6'0. players are taller Rob. He is 11.25 max.
Christian 6'5 3/8 "said on 16 / Feb / 19
Actually the difference between him and Merriman just looks 3 ". Even if Merriman is his measured 6'2.4", that would put Tyson at around 5'11.25 "-5'11.5" Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8 "said on 16 / Feb / 19
He looks about 5'11 "next to 6'3" (IMO) Kodjoe and 6'2.4 "measured Merriman.
viper said on 15 / Feb / 19
Agreed he's 5-11 at best.
Mileno5'9 "said on 13 / Feb / 19
Rob Tyson is a flat 5'11 guy. Being head shaved and muscular make you look taller. He has 1/2 on William Levy who is a 179 guy at 5'10.5
Oliver said on 2 / Feb / 19
Click here
Rob, how tall do you think Maria Borges (in green dress) looked here (if she was barefoot)?
Thank you.
Editor Rob
In that photo it's hard to see her less than over 6ft
guillermoriu said on 13 / Jul / 18
Rob 5'11.25 is closer to the truth. When a change downgrade. I agree Meow that's a good proof. The dude is not over 11.25.
Meow said on 11 / Jul / 18
Looks no more than 180 cm. Look at his photo with Naomi Campbell (who is listed at 5'9 flat in this website.)

I'd give Tyson 5'10.75 or 5'11

Click Here (Proof)
Dukecrund said on 27 / Jun / 18
Rob but seeing alexander 5:11:25 do you really think Tyson is just 2 cm under Roger Federer (185). I would not argue any mark over 182 for this guy. In the pic seems minimum 4 cm difference I agree
Editor Rob
He can look 5ft 11.5 in some photos, others I think near 6ft.
alexander5'11.25 said on 26 / Jun / 18
5'11.5 is better Rob. I never ever see him over this mark. He is adding 2 inches to his height. Saw hundred of photos and videos and never look over 181.5 cm. 5'11.5 is the absolute high and I still doubt. I'd go with 5'11.25
alexander5'11.25 said on 24 / Jun / 18
Rob don't you think those photos where Tyson was with Federer is enogh to list him just over 5'11? Roger is 185 at his best and Tyson looks 4 cm shorter.
Editor Rob
He can look sub 6ft sometimes
Melyst said on 28 / Nov / 17
Looks somewhere 180-182 cm a weak flat 6'0 at morning is posible but he looks on the 5'11 range
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 23 / Nov / 17

I can't see a gap any less than 1.5 "though. Roger's dropping height more than you may think.
Mr6footer said on 23 / Nov / 17
Andresito said on 21 / Nov / 17
Yep Once Roger was can measured live and hit 184'7 cm. (6ft'0.75)
He looks nearly 2 inches taller than him. I give 5feet11 - 5ft11.25
Harris said on 23 / Nov / 17
@Christian: I can agree Roger looks to be the taller one out of the two, but I don't see there being a whole 2 "gap if he stood up straighter, maybe an inch. Tyson is leaning forward himself a little bit too . And @Andresito: Yes, camera angles can be deceptive at times due to the lens of the camera or tilt etc, or how close or far a person is and posture ... BUT, it would be easy to tell and it wouldn ' t appear to look normal like the photos I posted. My pics below have good angles imo, so if Tyson is really getting a good 2 "advantage over his" actual "height, then 1. ALL comparison shots for height estimations are useless if they can be THAT deceptive and not look to be misleading or distorted by any means or 2. Tyson has to be wearing at least a big 2 "lift ... which is certainly impossible, given his shoes visually and CLEARLY have nothing in them. They are flat. If your honestly telling me Beckford is a half inch shorter than 50 Cent, or even more given 50's footwear advantage, I can o nly laugh. The pics I posted of them are good for comparison, given none of them have a real camera advantage, and if any do, it's not Tyson but 50.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 22 / Nov / 17
Can look around 2 "shorter than Roger Federer if he stood straighter Click Here
Andresito said on 22 / Nov / 17
Harris said on 21 / Nov / 17
pics effect can make you believe wrong, angle, s flat floor, etc You can also ask some models who met him and said he is 5'11. Many agencies list you at 6 foot the minimum height in some.
With Christina Slater 172 cm: Lets say he is 173 cm: (5'8)
Click here
This guy hasnt look like a 6 footer man With luck he hit 5'11.5
Andresito said on 22 / Nov / 17
Harris said on 21 / Nov / 17
pics effect can make you believe wrong, angeles flat floor, etc You can also ask some models who met him and said he is 5'11. Many agencies list you at 6 foot the minimum height in some.
With Christina Slater 172 cm: Lets say he is 173 cm: (5'8)
Click here
This guy hasnt look like a 6 footer man Witrh luck he hit 5'11.5
Harris said on 21 / Nov / 17
If Tyson's only 5'11 "then 50 Cent's no taller than a weak 5'10" at best ... and that's obviously impossible. 50 isn't below 5'11.5 "imo ... but to go with your analogy, Tyson would have to be a lift-wearer - which I'm certain he's most definitely not, given his shoes never looked bulgy or big, just always flat and casual.
Andresito said on 21 / Nov / 17
Look at him next to weak 5'11 William Levy. Tyson is 5'11.25 tops. Look at him with Roger Federer (6'0.75 medical stadiometer height) 6'1 listed on ATP. Roger is 185 cm measured on live (6'0.75 was nearly 2 inches on Tyson Beckerford not even standing tall. Tyson is max 5'11.25
Harris said on 20 / Nov / 17
Beckford is no way below Rob's listing. I'd actually say he might be over it.

Here he's with 5'11.75 "50 Cent in 2014: Click HereClick HereClick Here He looks at least an inch taller, even with 50's footwear advantage!

Also, he looked at least 6 'with looser posture, to even 6'1 "in the second pic in these shots with 5'9" Sugar Ray Leonard: Click Here Click Here and on the left is 5'10.5 "listed Nick Cannon. ..there's obviously a good inch gap, but here's another pic of Cannon and Beckford: Click Here Nick is leaning back which might be giving him a camera advantage, while Beckford is leaning forward, though you could argue Beckford has an advantage, which I can admit, given he's slightly closer to the camera.

Overall, I think this is the least Beckford can be, and I'd even argue a weak 6'1 "... any words, Rob?
even said on 25 / Jul / 17
my **** is a legitimate 6 footer
kelvin said on 16 / Jul / 17
Compare him next to Roger Federer a legit 6'1 184-185 cm. He is almost 2 inches on him. Tyson is 5'11 max
kelvin said on 16 / Jul / 17
he is about 0.75-1 inch taller than William Levy. 5'10 to 5'11 and possible a bit over 5'11 Tyson. just search those photos together or wath event about Addicted
kelvin said on 15 / Jul / 17
Rob where did you see Victor Cruz measured 5ft 11 5 / 8ths? I'm curious, so I can compare him nxt to Tyson Beckerford who is 5'11
Editor Rob
you can see Here his height was recorde 5115 at combine, which is 5ft 11 5 / 8ths as the last figure is the 1 / 8th
kelvin said on 15 / Jul / 17
His claim is hilarious. Some models have claimed he is 5'11 but he claims 6.1'5. He looks 5'11. I don't get what's the point to claim more than inches. Nobody would believe his claim. He is 5'11 obvious. Just asked some models in his circle
Hijopotamus said on 13 / Jul / 17
Just saw a very recent interview, he said he was 46 years old and he said he was 6'1.5 "

Why would he lie?
Editor Rob
he's fallen for the 'taller = better' mentality?

with Victor Cruz who is a measured 5ft 11 5 / 8ths it's hard to imagine Tyson is as tall as he claims to be.
ok said on 21 / May / 17
Looked tall in the irreplaceable video
heightchecker34 said on 9 / May / 17
Interesting to see the comments on Tyson Beckford's height, varying from 5'11-6'3 ?! That's a huge difference, I don't think I could get away with claiming 6'1 when I am in the 175 cm range. Anyhow, I think he is anywhere between the strong 5'11 to strong 6'0 category, depending on his foot ware and the fact that he slouches in a lot of pictures, I would say 6'0 is the perfect listing. Once again, spot on Rob!
Free said on 14 / Feb / 17
5-11 Max. Very obvious
Kaneff said on Jan 14/17
182cm / 5'11.5
Rampage (-_-_-) Clover said on 10 / Dec / 16
Rob, is a fraction over 6ft possible?
Editor Rob
hijopotamus said on 15 / Aug / 16
Nancey, are you sure about that?
Nancey said on 23 / May / 16
I was at club 11 eleven in Miami down town my normal height is 5'6 and in my heels I measure 5'10 I stood next to him and I can guarantee that I'm I was taller than him in my heel so he's no where near 6'0.
MD said on 8 / Jan / 16
I don't think he's low as even a flat 5'11 ", but he's also not quite a full 6'0".
joe joe said on 3 / Jan / 16
Rob, i think if you have met him, you would probably peg him at 5'10 / 5'11
AK said on 29 / Aug / 15
flat 6 ft guy ... i think 6 ft is good height for men
MD said on 21 / Aug / 15
With a 5'8 "Christian Slater (maybe shorter?), But who has a footwear advantage.

Click here
Rampage (-_-_-) Clover said on 18 / Aug / 15
183-184cm range, IMO.
Tallish dude. Can pass for 6ft1
SHAHROOZ said on 11 / Jul / 15
In levy's new movie (The Veil) his co actor William Moseley which is 1.77 is nearly 3cm taller than him. You can search for their pics.
MD said on 27 / May / 15
No, I don't agree. Again, if you look through pictures of Levy with people of known height, 180cm is the absolute most he can be. He really looks in between 5'10 "and 5'11".
SHAHROOZ said on 26 / May / 15
I don't know whether william levy is 180 or 183 but he looks stylish and tall.more than a 180 guy .do u agree?
Rampage (-_-_-) Clover said on 22 / May / 15
186-187cm range in shoes
MD said on 12 / May / 15
@viapto, Levy might not even be a full 5'11 ", let alone 6'0". I remember how short he was looking when he was on Dancing With the Stars. He's another guy adding nearly two inches to his height.
viapto said on 10 / May / 15
becford is taller than willyam levy cuban actor and model listed 6 foot, I thing becford is near 1.86 m or 1.87 Click Here
DP said on 16 / Aug / 14
I live in NY, I'm 5 '10 "and have walked next to him on the sidewalk. He's nowhere near 6" - I'll give it to him though. I actually thought, "Wow - that's a good looking guy" before I realized it was him.
Yazz said on April 27/14
6'1 Federer is slouching and still has 2 inches on him. Doesn't look taller than 5'11.
MD said on 17 / Mar / 14

I totally agree. He's not quite six-foot, but pretty close.
SAK said on 14 / Mar / 14
Tyson Beckford standing next to 5f10.5 / 179cm Erik Palladino Click Here

I think Beckford is 182cm.
Rampage (-_-_-) Clover said on 18 / Dec / 13
Rob, is it normal for models to be measured in foot wear?
Editor Rob
Bosnia said on 20 / Nov / 13
I think he is anywhere from 183 to 186 cm tall.
MD said on 6 / Nov / 13
With Roger Federer:

Click here

With a slightly leaning Thierry Henry, who I think is 6'2 "?

Click here

Six-foot may be generous.
Rampage (-_-_-) Clover said on 14 / Oct / 13
"Tyson Beckford height: 6ft 0.25in (184cm)"
hawkins said on 11 / Sep / 13
Met him in SoHo, I'm 6'0-6'1 depending on the shoe I wear, he's no more than 6'0.
Very nice guy.
SAK said on 11 / Aug / 13
casey453201e says: he looks 5'11 with 6'2 Shawne Merrimen.
Well Shawne Merrimen online is listed as 6f4. Maybe is 6f3, but not 6f2.
hoopsdiva said on 30 / May / 13
I was curious myself because my daughter who is 1/4 inch shy of being 6 feet sent me a picture with Tyson at Will Smith's premiere last night and they were head to head. She was wearing her 1 "flats, basically. So, I'd say he's 6'1".
casey453201e said on 12 / Jan / 13
he looks 5'11 with 6'2 Shawne Merrimen. Click here
Rampage (-_-_-) Clover said on 24 / Dec / 12
Can look 6ft1-6ft2
6ft 2 Si said on 29 / Nov / 12
am 6ft 2 barefeet and I Met Tyson beckford in London and I give him about 6ft tall he has a muscular build and may give impression he is shorter
NYCGuy said on 11 / Nov / 12
Funny stuff from LOL. 5'4 "? Just sounds like a person who doesnt like him
SAK said on 14 / Dec / 11
Here he is with 6ft3 Kerry Rhodes, he does look around 6ft0, maybe 5ft11.5

Click here
SAK said on 13 / Oct / 11
Male models tend to be between 6ft0-6ft3. 6ft1-6ft2 being ideal. 5ft11 is kinda short but acceptable in the commercial division of modeling.

For Beckford I use to think he was 6ft0, but now I think he is definately lower and should be downgraded to 182cm / 5ft11.5.
NextTopModel said on 1 / Oct / 11
I really think that guy is 5'10-5'11 (177-180cm). And perfect height for men model is 5'11-6'2, so there are even 6'4 models
SAK said on 21 / Jun / 11
184cm morning
183cm afternoon
182cm night
gilipollas said on 6 / Apr / 11
If he was 6-2 he would be MASSIVE and too big to model. I mean with those muscles on a 6-2 guy ... marcus is around 6-4 but skinny. big difference.
Jacky said on 21 / Feb / 11
I just looked at Nick's post ...

Paris Hilton being 5'7ish .. and wearing heels that give another 2 inches .. she's standing at about 5'9ish. and Tyson Beckford has like 4-5 inches on her.

He really does look 6'2 beside her ..
Anonymous said on 8 / Dec / 10
I'm starting think he's more 5ft 10.
LOL said on 14 / Nov / 10
I'm 5'5 ". I met Tyson Beckford in Miami a few years ago. He's only 5'4" at the most. He was rude to black women. Isn't his mother black?
jim said on 7 / Jul / 09
definitely have to agree on what most people have said - unquestionably NOT 6'2 "... 6" looks legit, maybe a fair 5'11 "
Leung said on 7 / Jul / 09
Not even close 6
luke said on 7 / Jul / 09
he only looks shorter than what he is because he is really muscely
he is at 6'2 (188cm)
glipollas said on 14 / Jun / 09
Flyrix, in fashion everyone knows a photo is always far from reality as 100% of the print outcome is photoshoped.
AJ said on 18 / May / 09
no way this guy is 6 feet, next to campbell in heels hes atleast 5 cm shorter.

lets say naomi campbell is 185 in heels. hes 180 maxxxxx
kevans said on 12 / May / 09
yeah 6 ft even seems about right to me, it's a good height, but not incredibly tall
Hugh 190cm said on 9 / May / 09
Maybe 184cm.
L said on 5 / May / 09
I saw him in Soho during brunch this past weekend ........... homie is shockingly short .......... like Kanye West! Hot ...... but short ....: ~ (I'm thinking 5'10 "..... cuz I am 5'0, and he wasn't that much taller than me, by my standards .
Brad said on 4 / May / 09
He looks 182-183cm.
So IMGmodL, how tall would Garrett Neff be? he is listed from 184cm to 187cm.
don said on 28 / Apr / 09
On the show "make me a supermodel" tyson next to his co-host nicole trunfio (listed at 5 "10") is always at least 2 inches shorter than her. So if shes about 6'2 "with heels tyson probably is 5'11" and hits 6 'with shoes
baby panda said on 5 / Apr / 09
He looks 5'10 to me, not 6 feet
mamonazo said on 30 / Mar / 09
under 5-11 is a joke. Tyson would have never been the great model he is if he was under 5`11.
sodapop said on 25 / Mar / 09
Camy how long were your heels ??? I think he may be 5'9 "- 5'10" range also. I'm 5'9 "and with boots I look pretty tall and Tyson is a big motorcycle rider so he's wearing boots alot. So you could be right
sodapop said on 25 / Mar / 09
Tyson looks like he's 5'11 "not 6ft. He wears motorcycle boots alot so it makes him taller.
italian boy said on 27 / Feb / 09
188cm impossible ... david gandy is 188 and he looks so, tyson is 182cm for me ... you have to know that the height of malemodels are often changed ... so for example nir lavi claimed at 186cm is 182cm and this also for model too tall ... if someone is from 190 to 195 is put down to 188cm (6.2) infact the standard height is in the 183-188 range .. the perfect height is 187.
AJ said on 17 / Feb / 09
Here Tyson with Wilmer Valderrama, who is listed 5 ft 7.5 in (171 cm).

Click here

This is the shoes he was wearing, pretty thick nikes.

Click here

Whats the difference between them? max 4 inches?
i think this guy needs a down grade, 5 11 would fit.
Camy said on 2 / Dec / 08
I worked with Tyson twice this year he was modeling two of our fashion in the UK.
He is not 6'2. I am 5'7 and with my heels we were about the same height ... he is not more than 5'9 or 5'10!
Brad said on 22 / Nov / 08
in the youtube video
Click here

they were kind on a slope he could be 185cm at best or even 184cm
Josh said on 13 / Nov / 08
Yeah he barely looks over 5'11 6'0 is right
limy said on 10 / Oct / 08
To Johan:
the fashion industry really has no set standard in terms of stats.
So being that you are 16 and still young is an advantage, and being 180 cm tall is not that bad in terms of being a model. Some male runway models are 5'10 "and claim to be 1-2 inches taller. It all depends on your overall look: are you edgy? Unique? A fresh face? Are you slim? A slim build for a guy make you look taller which will help in film and runway.
So contact an agency and see how it goes :)
Anthony said on 4 / Oct / 08
What a thoughtless thing to film him standing to the right of her on that slope. I would think they'd have the good sense to place T on her other side, **** ... He's the star male host.
Johan said on 30 / Aug / 08
I want some advice.I have only 16 years and my dream is to be a model.I am 180 cm tall.Can I be a model or no?
Jhon said on 23 / Aug / 08
is 6 "0 perfect for a model .. i only stand at 5'11" .. but im still a runway model .. im just 15 ..
RICHI said on 31 / Jul / 08
Hey Noelle, what he really bulky? if hes not that tall he cannot be bulky if he needs to model, right?
Noelle said on 30 / Jul / 08
I just met Tyson this past weekend and he is NOT 6-2 ... maybe 5-10 / 5-11 or maybe 6 ft.
Bruce said on 19 / Jul / 08
in that video Nikki Taylor looks about 1.5-2 inches taller than Tyson Beckford in her heels so she is probably wearing 5 inches which gives about 2.5 inches in height making her 6'1.5 "tall
ronan said on 28 / Apr / 08
this can show how tall is tyson considering the slope of the street and real heigh of the girl (5-11 on her stats ... so could be under). i honestly dont thik tyson is 6-2 at all.
Click here
Triple P said on 16 / Apr / 08
Yeah I thought so too .. I think theyre probably exaggerating about their height .. I mean come on arent you guilty sometimes of lying especially with portfolios .. You wont know bout the difference unless you purposely measure. But man hes built. So I guess thats his advantage. for me I have a long way to go.
child said on 4 / Feb / 08
He doesn't look that tall, it must be his frame
mimi said on 23 / Jan / 08
Yeah, i thought he wasn't that tall because on ANTM most of the girls looked taller than him in that photo shoot he was in
IMGmodL said on 20 / Jan / 08
Pete, that model, Jenah Doucette, said in an interview that she was 5'10 ''. However, in my opinion, I believe she is probably exaggerating about her height by at least 1/2 an inch.
Etep said on 9 / Jan / 08
willie, that depends on the size of her heels. Anyway todays best model Oliver Chehire is only 5-9 and hes doing so many shows including the major designers.
willie said on 7 / Jan / 08
tyson is def. not 6'2 b / c on his new show "make me a supermodel" he co-host's with nikki taylor who is 5'11, and with heels she is significantly TALLER than HE IS !! i'll say that he's somewhere bewteeen 5'10 and 5'11 and maybe a solid 6 'in shoes if that. Bottom liine.
ronan said on 12 / Dec / 07
Has anyone seen the dior models? theyr sooo skinny and regular size around 5-11 but look very tall. Tyson maybe is around 6 feet but as hes so bulky he may look shorter.
Viper said on 4 / Dec / 07
Thats the shortest Ive ever seen the dude physically. He doesnt even look 5-11 to me there.
Pete said on 3 / Dec / 07
does anyone know the size of this model. Tyson appears with her and maybe we can get a better idea of ​​tysons real height Click Here
brandon mcclain said on 27 / Nov / 07
you guys just lookout for the upcoming show on bravo titled make me a supermodel hosted by tyson beckford and niki next year 2008 its going to be awesome an then all the questions will be answered, click here
IMGmodL said on 2 / Nov / 07
anon totally agreed ... most models don't make that much money, and male models make 1/2 as much as women to begin with .... not as glamorous as a job as some think, but some do make it big ... but its hard, especially if your a male model .... (PS: commercial print modeling height requirements for men is between 5'9 '' - 6'2 '')
anon said on 2 / Nov / 07
my friend manages part of ford models in chicago, i walked in at 5'9.5 "and she told me i'd be great for" commercial print "but too short for runway. my brother does runway, he's exactly 6 '(i measured him), anyhow not a great job unless you're someone who makes it big, though its a decent entre into the entertainment biz
IMGmodL said on 25 / Oct / 07
jimo their aren't really any set requirements i mean obviously you need good bone structure, clear skin, nice teeth, good body (more on the lean / muscular side) and usually be between 5'11 '' to 6'2 '' .....
jimo said on 25 / Oct / 07
IMGmdl, what are the other requirements? some models are ugly as hell so dont tell me to be handsome. Tyson is a strong 5-11 btw.
IMGmodL said on 18 / Oct / 07
USUALLY you are measured with your shoes ON due to the fact that you are literally looked at by an agency for two minutes .... i'm 5'11 '' but i'm a little over 6 'in my shoes so ashley if your 5'10.5 (which is 179cm) than you should be OK cause you should be close to 6 'in shoes and and hopeful 5'11' 'should be fine ... although i'm sure you both understand that height is not the only thing that matters ... thats just a "prequisite"
Ashley. said on 15 / Oct / 07
Hi can anyone help me? iam really want to be a model and ive been told that i, ve got the face of a male model, but iam 179cm barefoot which is just over 5'10 i think? iam i too small? pls help me!
hopeful said on 9 / Oct / 07
5 '11 "is OK barefoot. I think I'm OK as long as I'm measured in my shoes ... Thanks again!
P.cartel said on 8 / Oct / 07
Iam 5'10 with shoe's and with a tape measure! is that too small? my friend says that u add a few cm with a tape measure is that true? if so iam prob just under 5'11
hopeful said on 8 / Oct / 07
Pete, i'm 5 '11 "with shoes and thats what they put on my stats, but i'm a little over 5' 10" barefoot. do you think that will be a problem? thanks!
Anonymous said on 5 / Oct / 07
Pete, Marcus Schenkenberg is the best male model in the world by far
Pete said on 1 / Oct / 07
hopeful, if you are in between what is considered ok it would not mind an extra inch from the shoes. so whats ur height with shoes? is that the one they put on ur stats?
hopeful said on 1 / Oct / 07
i'm a male model and was measured in my shoes at a major NY agency, but do they ever make male models take off their shoes to be measured?
Pete said on 24 / Aug / 07
robert you would probably be the tallest model in that show ... for sure! well done and good luck!
IMGmodL said on 23 / Aug / 07
robertolvr you don't have to be 6'-6'2 '' to be a successful male model, but i would say confidently that most are at least between 5'11 '' - 6'3 '' ... my god 6'4.5 is so tall and at 16! You might hit 6'6 '' ... good luck, but in my opinion, i think you should probably play basketball instead with that height!
robertolvr said on 16 / Aug / 07
Im 6'4 and half, afro american and i just got sin. with IMG Models ... and they had no problem with me being that tall, they said it was a good thing..and im a runway model i have 34 waist and im modeling for dSquared2 fashion show next season ... so you dont haft to be 6'0 to 6'3 to be a great model ... me and adam senn..if thats the correct name will be opening the show ... and get this i was there 2 black male model to be in there show and im only 16 .... And they did say that 6'6 is there limit. Well good luck to all the taller models out there.
raj said on 12 / Aug / 07
what is incredible is that they rate him at 6-2!
Viper said on 12 / Aug / 07
This dude is no shorter than 5-11.
zomo said on 9 / Aug / 07
I saw Tyson at Jersey Garden Mall. He's no taller than 5'10 I'm 6'1 and I towered over him.
IMGmodL said on 23 / May / 07
Anonymous, if you want to be a male runway model, being 5'11 '' wouldn't be the death of you, but 5'10 '' is pushing it. I'm 5'11 '' and I've seen other men on the runway that were also only 5'11 '', but not too many are shorter than me.
6'3 '' JK said on 18 / May / 07
He looks a legit 6'0 ''
Viper said on 18 / May / 07
Well, I believe Beckford is 5-11 max, so no, you don't have to be 6-0 to be a big runway model.
6'3 '' JK said on 18 / May / 07
Wasn't he the guy in 50 cent's 21 questions video?
Anonymous said on 17 / May / 07
I used a measuring tape and i measured at 5'10 i believe, but so many people tell me im probably 5'11. I'm looking to get into the modeling world but im afraid im a bit too short for runway. I've been told by a friend of mine that you have to be at least 6'0 to be a high fashion runway model. : / help please ....
Pete said on 15 / Mar / 07
IMGmodL, any idea bout his measurements?
IMGmodL said on 23 / Feb / 07
Pete, Tyson Beckford is definitely one of the bulkier male models, especially for runway.
Pete said on 23 / Feb / 07
IMGmodel, what about the weight and body measures of model boys? I've seen really bulky musclely ones and some other times extra skinny. Is Tyson Beckford one of the bulkiest or is he just thinner of what he looks (as Brad Pitt) ??
IMGmodL said on 13 / Feb / 07
raj i would say that 6'3 '' would be the absolute limit ... after that, you're just too tall, but there are some exceptions.
raj said on 7 / Feb / 07
IMGmodL, so what about men that are over 6-2? are those too tall?
IMGmodL said on 3 / Feb / 07
actually raj most agencies put 5 '11' 'or 180cm as a minimum height, not 6', but, like you said, some agencies do have a 6 'minimum which doesn't mean that if you're 5'11' ' you can't show for an open call!
raj said on 1 / Feb / 07
iris, agencies put 6 feet as minimum BUT u have to show up and then they will decide. u dont get refused by 1 cm!
IMGmodL said on 31 / Jan / 07
Anonymous ..... for the most part i tend to agree with you, but MOST male models heights are only off by an inch, not two ..... agencies tend to not be as picky with men's height than women's
iris said on 31 / Jan / 07
IMGmodl, if the model industry would use (hypothetically) the metric system (cm not inches) as a standard to measure models, wouldn't it be more accepted the plain cut of a 180 cm guy and above? My brother is 182cm and he gets annoyed that all model agencies establish a 6 feet minimum ...
Viper said on 29 / Jan / 07
Tyson is listed at a ridiculous 6-2 though.
Anonymous said on 28 / Jan / 07
IMGmodL, theres so many male models that are 5-11 and are listed as 6-1 is unbelivable. Tyson is only one of them. taking in2 account that 5-11 to 6-1 is not a big difference i dont see a major problem a few cm less or more. its about proportion.
IMGmodL said on 27 / Jan / 07
Yes iris 182 cm is tall enough to be a model ...... although the "perfect" height is generally around 183cm - 188cm ....... there are quite a few models that are only 5 '11' ' (180cm - 182cm), plus, there are A TON of models listed as 183 cm that are actually probably 182 cm ....
Pete said on 25 / Jan / 07
iris, ive seen on the runway models for Prada that were 5-10!
iris said on 23 / Jan / 07
Hi IMGmodL, can a 182 cm guy be "elegible" for model material? ... regarding height standards of course (there are a lot of other needed physical characteristics)
IMGmodL said on 22 / Jan / 07
Pete i'm pretty sure Scott Barnhill was around 6'1 "...... he's taller than Tyson Beckford.
Pete said on 18 / Dec / 06
IMGmodL, they also lie with male models height. Do you know how tall is Scott barnhill or cameron? that say theyr between 5-11 and 6, same as Tyson. So the best models of the 90s, supermodels werent specially tall (xcept 4 marcus schenkemberg)
IMGmodL said on 13 / Nov / 06
Viper, their usually pretty honest about other stats such as waist, chest, suit for men, but for women, they often lie and put 34-24-34 for every girl!
Pete said on 6 / Nov / 06
its about the size of the clothes. normally theres 2 sizes and in jackets is 48 and 50. so the models should fit on the clothes and not the clothes on the models. Of course there is always some fixings.
Viper652 said on 1 / Nov / 06
IMG, do they lie about other stats as well?
IMGmodL said on 31 / Oct / 06
It's not too rare for their to be a 5'11 "male model. Usually the shorter male models are the skinnier ones. For me, at 5'11" i pretty much have to maintain a weight of around 145 in order to look " taller ". Its more common to see shorter, skinnier male models on runway for an "edgier" designer. Designers like Lacoste and Ralph Lauren tend to have taller and more muscular male models on the runway. For me, being shorter, most pictures i have to take have to be more "punk" i guess, a 6'2 "model is more of the" All-American "type.
Chris said on 25 / Oct / 06
Well my original point was along the lines of ... if you've got the goods, that's all that matters. In Pete's own words, Beckford is the best model in the world. In other words, to be the best model, you obviously don't need to be tall. As Pete said, 5'11 "is considered short for a model. Kate Moss is only 5'4"
mojo said on 24 / Oct / 06
Chris, I agree with you that height isn't that big of a deal in sports, as there are many amazing athletes that are short. I'm 6'1 and was all-league in basketball during high school and my college buddy who's maybe 5'6 or 5'7 consistantly beats me in one-on-one games. However, while height isn't always a huge factor in sports, it is in modeling. My buddy that models for Ford is still above average at 5'11. He told me he worked with a 5'10 guy during his first shot and hasn't worked with anyone shorter than him since. I don't know about runway, but when you go to a shot for clothing, there's usually only one size with a variety of styles. So modeling agencies do tend to look for guys between 6-6'2 with a few exceptions. He did tell me that there's a 6'5 model in his late 40's at Ford.
Jason said on 21 / Oct / 06
Sport is sport. Short guys can often beat tall guys. In many types of modeling though, a tall height is preferred. Here, you're either tall or you're not ... your physical prowess is irrelevant. To be a male runway model for example, they want guys who are minimum 6'0 '' - not much over 6'1 '' - taller than the girls, but not by very much. Whether or not it's right or wrong to be like that, it's just how the industry is.
Chris said on 20 / Oct / 06
Mojo says 5'11 "isn't that rare a height for a male model. Plus my point being Pele is considered one of, if not the greatest athlete ever to play Soccer ... people equate height with physical ability ... not so. Pele used to out-jump guys 6'2 ". If height isn't more important for physical sport why the hell would it be for modeling? Over to you.
Pete said on 19 / Oct / 06
we are talking about modeling and heigh is a part of looks. u dont need to be tall or toned to be a great soccer player on the other hand u need a good height to be a fashion model. theres some basic requirements u know
Chris said on 18 / Oct / 06
Pete, where do looks come into height?
Pete said on 17 / Oct / 06
Chris, I know that but we are talking about looks and not about technique.
Chris said on 3 / Oct / 06
Pete Pele was the greatest footballer / soccer player in the world ... at only 5-6 / 5-7
mojo said on 3 / Oct / 06
I'm not a model, but my buddy just got signed with Ford Models in Beverly Hills. All of our friends always said he should go down there and give it a shot, since he gets job offers everything he walks into an abercrombie store. Anyhow, he always said he's probably too short. He stands exactly 5'11 "and Ford states on their website that males should be 6-6'2. Anyhow, he went down to Ford and was signed after a few" test shots "or whatever. They list him at 6'0 on their website and he even said that he was measured at 5'11 when Ford took body measurements of his. So I agree w / IMGmodl, 5'11 isn't that rare of a height for a male model. In fact, my buddy actually said that during his first photo shoot for Finishline, he was paired up with a model 1 inch shorter than him from Ford. My guess is that if your good looking enough, they can make a few inches work.
Pete said on 21 / Sep / 06
IMGmodL, isn't 5-11 a bit short for modeling? how come this guy is the best model in the world. I always picture male models as very tall and big.
IMGmodL said on 17 / Aug / 06
The tallest male model that i know of is 191cm (6'3 "), and is listed at 191cm. Although i'm sure its possible, (there are always exceptions!) 6'4" it really quite tall to be a male model. As far as i know, most modeling agencies think that the "perfect" model height is 6'0-6'2 "for males and 5'9" -5'11 "for females, but as we all know, there are always exceptions which usually range from 5'11 "-6'3" for males and 5'8 "-6'0 to women, 6'4" is pushing it!
IMGmodL said on 16 / Aug / 06
Tyson Beckford was once on a "Queer Eye" episode in which some guy wanted to be a model. When the guy was measured approx. at an agency he was said to be "6'2 or 6'3". The guy replied "yea" (not really saying how tall he actually was, but lets just say 6'2.5 ") Tyson was NO WHERE NEAR as tall as he was, at LEAST two inches if not 3 or 4 inches shorter than him. I would say Tyson is 5'11.5. BY the way Issheuhboy, male models are usually 5'11 - 6 '2, i'm just barely 180 cm, but in my portfolio and on my comp card i'm listed as 183cm or 6'0

Editor Rob
and 6ft 4 guys, do they round down at igm?
Viper652 said on 14 / Aug / 06
He looks similar in height to Wyclef Jean here. Hes no more than 5-11. Click here
Anonymous said on 17 / Jul / 06
mike get a copy of that us weekly and scan it. i'd like to see that photo of nick and tyson
raj said on 13 / Jul / 06
Naomi is nowhere near 6 ft! shes 5-8 or 5-9 at the most. Tyson is 5-11 close to 6 ft tho
Anonymous said on 1 / Jul / 06
tyson beckford looks da same height because his head is leaning down at warrick runn if u look at where there necks are leveled u can see tysons neck is much higher up the man aint 5ft9 or 5ft11 he's the same height as naomi campbell 6ft man!
Mike said on 29 / Jun / 06
Everyone, go look at the June 26 edition of US Weekly. There is a picture of Tyson Beckford standing next to Nick Lachey. THEY ARE THE SAME HEIGHT. Beckford is 5-11 at the most.
Viper652 said on 11 / Jun / 06
Dunn is really in the 5-7 range, that puts Beckford at 5-11.
D.J. said on 10 / Jun / 06
In the Warrick Dunn picture, Beckford is leaning in. Standing straight, I'm sure he's around 6'1 ".
Heifght Detective said on 9 / Jun / 06
Tyson Beckford and NFL Warrick Runn Click Here
Warrick Runn is listed at 5.9 (1.75cm) on the NFL player stats Click Here

Tyson Beckford and P Diddy Click Here

Demon smoke said on 6 / May / 06
Tyrese does not seem to be standing up right in this pic.
Height Detective said on 1 / May / 06
rob, may be you have to downgrade him .. Click Here
Tyson beckford looking 6ft and 180 tires

Editor Rob
yes, this guy can come down 1cm for sure
raj said on 27 / Apr / 06
edux, Ive no idea about those shoes but theres no way hes gonna wear lifts or special shoes for when in the runway. he doesnt need it. hes the perfect height and as he is skinny he looks taller. in spring summer colections u can see so many shows where models just wear sandals or sometimes even barefoot.

I think it was male supermodel Cameron the one that is around the same height standing at 5-11.
edux said on 26 / Apr / 06
thank you raj, please look this photos of vanderloo doing runway, you think his shoes have normal heels or thats are big ones for a shoe? ¿cuz in the other pictures of the gallery he have normal shoes but he is posing no doing runway

Click here
raj said on 26 / Apr / 06
edux, I also saw a magazine where it stated vanderloo as a 182 cm model. thats half inch under 6 feet. theres some pics in gettyimages of him with ex-girlfriend model esther ca
raj said on 25 / Apr / 06
edux, runway male models are from 5-11 to 6-2. its more about your bone structure than about height. ive seen skinny 5-10 prada models. it depends on the designer.
vanderloo is 184 even tho in some places he is rated as 6-2.

supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg is around 6-3 and his stats say 6-2 ... same as tyson beckfords!
Viper652 said on 25 / Apr / 06
Vanderloo is probably 6-0.
edux said on 24 / Apr / 06
raj, please answer, what is the real height of Mark Vanderloo ?? I have seen anywere from 6 foot to 6.2 pure crap, you know his real height ??
Also, tell me what is the minimun height to do runway for a male model?
raj said on 20 / Apr / 06
rob, i guess its time to downgrade beckfords height. to the ones that met him in person: is he that muscular as he seems? cuz if hes 5-11 and that big theres no way he fits into the high fashion runway male model type at all ... or does he?
Tootie Ramsey said on 18 / Apr / 06
I met him before - - i am 6'1 "and he is shorter than me - -I'd say 5'11" or 5 10 "
raj said on 9 / Apr / 06
height detective, that depends on how tall is Diddy ...
Height Detective said on 8 / Apr / 06
Tyson and Diddy
Click here

He looks more than 5.11 1/2 to 6 ft here ..
Salsero04 said on 15 / Feb / 06
I saw the 50 Cent video that Tyson's in last night. You cannot tell how tall he is relative to 50 from the video. Every scene they were in next to each other 50 was not standing up straight. It did appear to be close but in all of these scenes Tyson was slightly taller (this could be due to posture). 6'0 "would be possible. I could buy 5'11 MAYBE but I think that's even pushing it. He does appear to be about 6'1"

The 5'8 "claims are riddiculous. I used to be a personal trainer, and still do work out with pro body builders. I'm 5'6 and I weigh between 165-170 lbs. At 170 I definitely look bigger than Tyson (proportionally speaking). 190-195 lbs on a 5'8 "frame would be SIGNIFICANTLY larger than Tyson is. That would be approaching bodybuilder size. One of the guys I work out with (not a body builder) is 5'7.5 "195 and he is much bigger than Tyson. Tyson is cut (has a lot of definition), but he's NOT that big.
Terry said on 2 / Feb / 06
I met Tyson Beckford 1 1/2 years ago at a car show in Atlantic City, and he's approx. 5 '11 "- 5' 11 1/2". I'm 6 'and he's not as tall as I am.
tom said on 25 / Jan / 06
this guy cant be the 6-2 his stats say! that big-muscular wouldnt be "catchy" for fashion and specially the runway.
yeah, why don't we get Shenkemberg height?
uhdbvsch said on 23 / Jan / 06
editor, on tyson stats it says hes 6-2!
CelebHeights Editor said on Jan 23/06
Essence magazine, 1996 described his height as: "195-pound, six-foot one-inch body"
adsfdw said on 20 / Jan / 06
met him and hes around 5-11 and very muscular. great guy. Rob, why dont u rate other supermodels as mark vanderloo, shenkemberg or cameron?
Viper652 said on 11 / Jan / 06
Im as skeptical as any, but that 5-8 claim has got to be BS. Show me a pic where he looks 5-8. I sure don't see any. I mean, 5-8 would be waaay to short to be a male model anyway. The dude looks 5-11 at his shortest.
La Jolla Girl said on 9 / Jan / 06
I have a very reliable source that he is only 5'8 ". One of my good friends is very well connected and met him. She does a lot of modeling herself and said it is the norm to lie about things like that. Think about it ... their careers are based ENTIRELY on their looks ... lying about height is small potatoes.

Editor Rob
while his 6ft 2 listing was dodgy, 5ft 8 is erm, taking it too far? Now he may be shorter than 185 though
CelebHeights Editor said on 17 / Dec / 05
Ebony magazine a few years ago said: "Tyson, who stands 6-foot-1"
LMAO said on 22 / Nov / 05
5-8 ?? I wouldnt go THAT far!

hes about 5-11 for sure.
Viper652 said on 13 / Nov / 05
Sheesh, I saw that as well. Im starting to think Tyson is no more then 5-11. 6-2 Marcus Shekenburg is a good deal taller then him as well.
PJ in Houston said on 7 / Oct / 05
I remember a few years ago Tyson was at a club outing being promoted by a local radio station. All of the ladies that called in after the party said they were shocked and hardly even recognized the "short guy in the white polo shirt". He is about 5'8 '- 5'9 "according to the radio hosts.
J. said on 22 / Sep / 05
Oh, about the couchscout site, it's far more accurate than the Ourlads one. Far more.
Hani said on 20 / Sep / 05
I read that markus schenkenberg is 193-194cm he is really big
Viper452 said on 20 / Sep / 05
Couchscout is awesome. I wish we had combine heights for baseball and basketall players, as well as actors.
J. said on 20 / Sep / 05
Thank you for the couchscout.com site, smokeblower! I've been looking for a site like that for awhile. And there's some good photos of Tyson next to his new 'girlfriend' Foxy Brown. He looks good and well under 6 feet in those photos.
smokeblower said on 19 / Sep / 05
Tyson Beckford is far from 6'1 ". I question whether he is 5'11" There is a picture of him standing next to 3rd string NY Giants RB Derrick Ward where Tyson is barely as tall as him or marginally shorter. Derrick Ward is a combine 5'10 ". You can confirm this height at www.couchscout.com, which is more reliable than ourlads.
WAY2FRESH said on 9 / Aug / 05
TYSON is 6'0, when I was in a shop on Melrose in LA. I walked up to him and saids whats up, he looked alot shorter than 6'2 so I asked my friend was tyson bigger than me? He said that we were exactly the same size (im 185 6'0).
Viper652 said on 10 / Jun / 05
This article says Tyson is 6-1. http://celebrity.aol.com/people/ataol/articles/0,19736,1069714,00.html
Viper652 said on 9 / Jun / 05
190 pounds at 6-2 wouldnt be to far off for him. Im around the same size as him at 6-2 and Im around 180. Remember hes pretty lean but muscular.
smokeblower said on 9 / Jun / 05
I believe a good indication that Tyson is lying is his listed weight. He list his weight at 190lbs. If he infact is 6'2 "than a 190lbs would be way to light for a person of his build at 6'2". I believe 5'10 "-5'11" is just about right if in fact he really is 190lbs.

Secondly, if you have ever seen him do runway, which is very infrequently, he is substantially shorter than a good majority of the other male models.

Finally their are pics of him standing next to the female model Oluch where he is a good 5 or 6 inches shorter than her. Granted she has on heels, she appears to be the same height as Micheal Clarke Duncan, for he is also in the photo along with Oluchi and Tyson.
Issheuhboy said on 9 / Jun / 05
Well, I don't wanna be the kinda guy to just dispute another's post but

1) "Arnold" is not massive - not vertically anyway. He's 5'11 / 6'0 with a good knowledge of big shoes

2. 6'2 is not "too big" to be a fashion model - we did a good thread about this on Matt LeBlanc - most male models are 6'0-6'3 - 6'2 would be just right to be a male model

Now the Thin White Duke is 5'10:


Tyson looks 6'0ish, if they'd both straighten up

I don't think he's 6'1 - I'd say 5'11 / 6'0
Smoke said on 11 / Apr / 05
Naomi Campbell in most places is listed as being 5'10 ", I do think she looks it. J., all I can say is, if Clifton Collins is really 5'8" then Tyson is really closer to 180 cm than anything else . If your heights for Campbell and Collins are correct then Tyson Beckford is really 5'11 ". All I can say is he definately doesn't look 6'1".
J. said on 10 / Apr / 05
Here is the pic that I refered to on an earlier post. Tyson and Naomi: http://www.the-alist.org/photos/6057_beckfo66733449.html
(Let's say Naomi's 5'9 "barefoot)
xaoxio said on 9 / Apr / 05
it really interesting to know is Tyson 6'0 "or what cause not much time ago I've seen the program about luxury cars which has been led by Nick Cannon and Christina Milian and there the interesting moment has been when Nick has entered into the show-room of the cars. He has met Tyson there and from the moments of being together which have been showed by TV it has been seen that Tyson is higher than Nick (I don't know for how much cause it hasn't lasted for a long time and has been in dynamic). But obviously Tyson is higher than Nick.
J. said on 8 / Apr / 05
Clifton Collins is 5'8 ".
Monty said on 8 / Apr / 05
I saw on MTV that Nick Cannon and Tyson Beckford were the same height.
J. said on 8 / Apr / 05
Yeah, Beckford is like Tyrese, he's struggling with 6 feet. There's some pictures of him next to Naomi Campbell (listed as everything from 5'7 "to 6'0") at the first annual Vibe Awards. Naomi has on standard heels and is a little taller than him.

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