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Increase testosterone levels: how to do it naturally

Testosterone is the hormone that makes a man into a man: whether erection, muscle growth or beard growth - without the male sex hormone, little works for men. No wonder some men are trying to artificially increase their testosterone levels. How this works naturally, without side effects and without questionable drugs, explains the Hamburg male doctor Frank Sommer.

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How can you increase testosterone levels?

By paying attention to your weight. Because the bigger the belly, the lower the testosterone level - according to the result of numerous studies. Adipose tissue is a hormone factory, but it produces the wrong hormones, transforming males into females. "Even those who are overweight and have a testosterone level in the normal range can increase it through weight reduction," says Sommer. So, let's go for the bacon! Break down your fat. One of the most effective fat burner exercises: barbell squats.

The most important facts about the male hormone testosterone

How do you make more testosterone?

Find a football club. A victory and 3 points - this is how you score in terms of testosterone levels. Those who lose, on the other hand, are hormonally depressed. Incidentally, this is how not only the players themselves react, but also their fans in front of the television - as proven by US researchers at the Soccer World Cup in their own country. Home advantage is also related to testosterone. In front of a home crowd, the hormone level is higher than in front of away games. By the way, computer games are of no use. Bad air, fatty snacks, lack of exercise and lack of sleep even lower testosterone production.

Soccer is not your thing? Then jog or do some other endurance sport, set yourself feasible goals and celebrate your successes!

The most common causes of testosterone deficiency

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The sex hormone testosterone makes you manly and healthy

Which training intensity increases testosterone production?

Better to train briefly, but hard. Extreme endurance sport lowers the testosterone value. "The decisive factor is not the number of kilometers, but the duration of the unit," says Frank Sommer. So, split your weekly workload into several shorter routes, each of which should be done in a maximum of 90 minutes.

Or try weight training. This will cause testosterone levels to rise, especially if you work short but intense periods of heavy weight work. "A maximum increase is achieved through forced repetitions, in which you only briefly go beyond the muscular failure," explains Sommer. But don't overdo it: 1 hour in the weight room is enough!

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Do proteins make testosterone levels rise?

Yes, eat a high protein diet. There are plenty of proteins in dairy products, nuts, meat and fish. English explorer of the University of Worcester have found: The lower the protein diets men eat, the more globulins (special protein compounds) swim in their blood - and these are precisely those that pull testosterone out of circulation. Only free hormone molecules can work in the body and not those bound to globulin. Sufficient protein intake can therefore increase your testosterone levels!

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Lifestyle tip for more testosterone

Who would have thought: Action films increase your testosterone production. A US research team was able to do that University of Michigan demonstrate. Romantic films, on the other hand, only led to more progesterone. This hormone is one of the progestogens; in natural quantities it has hardly any effect on men. Maybe that's a new argument the next time you argue with your loved one about the TV program.

Without enough testosterone in your body, even the best weight training won't pay off. Even below the belt, testosterone does valuable work, makes you self-confident and keeps the brain fit. To boost your body's own testosterone production, you should focus on a protein-rich diet, short and vigorous exercise and a weight loss strategy.

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