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HP Omen 17 (7700HQ, GTX 1070, Full HD) laptop review

Since the two massive air shafts at the back left and right no longer leave space for hinges, the display lid is now held in place by a single, large central hinge. This looks stable and holds the screen well in position. Caution: Do not hold your fingers on the central hinge when opening. The author got stuck a bit, of course, purely for test purposes.

Due to the weight of the base unit, the top can also be opened with one hand without the base unit tipping over. The display lid itself isn't quite as stable. It is made of plastic and can be bent easily. The panel immediately begins to discolour with minimal exposure, so you shouldn't put too much strain on the lid.

The cover for the DVD burner, which is on the right-hand side, is also less stable. This gives way and rattles when you run your finger over it.

The keyboard surface is again quite stable; an aluminum plate seems to be built in here. Accordingly, the keyboard does not bend even when typing intensively. The underside follows the X design and has a very rough, non-slip structure in zones. There are also additional openings for air circulation in the rear area. Narrow rubber strips run through the sub-floor as a base.

The manufacturer promises easy maintenance through access via a single flap. What is meant is that you have to remove the entire sub-floor in order to access the components. The battery is permanently installed and cannot be easily removed.