What's in Coca-Cola that relieves nausea

Is it true that cola works against nausea?

Somehow we all have this sentence in mind: ‘Cola helps against nausea’. Why is that? And above all - what is really true about this statement? Is it more of a placebo effect or does Coca Cola really help against stomach problems? And if so, how? We have the answer for you here.

Regardless of whether cola helps with stomach problems, cola is of course very unhealthy.


Difficult business. Some say cola is incredibly unhealthy and others say that cola can provide relief from stomach problems. On the radio show NPO Radio 2,This is Haandrikman, we were given the following astonishing answer: a listener of this radio show emphasized that Coke worked wonders for him against nausea. The listener also said that it was important not to drink everything at once, but a few sips every two minutes.

But wait till you get the following scientific research read! That throws the statement of this listener upside down.

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