What is a waveform

Error reading waveform

Halli hello, the problem lies in how the wave file was created / saved ...

only for "insiders" ... if you feel like reading this:

The problem is the "LIST Chunk" ... which is practically in the riff chunk (but it doesn't have to be, with a simple wave file).

The solution is halfway easy ... the best thing to do is open the audio file with an audio editor and save it again as a 0815 wave file.

OR .... another way (not quite 1000% optimal, but works)
1) Convert wave to mp3 using Lamedropp (freeware)
2) delete old wave
3) convert mp3 to wave again with Lamedropp ... ==> works

Lamedrop is a great tool anyway, which you can install yourself.

best regards

PS ... just for information, even if the waveform cannot be read, the program should still be able to work normally with the audio file.