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Riding well explained Part 1: The secret of a successful parade

It is the key to good riding: a successful parade. No lesson is so important, addressed and applied so often. But at the same time there is so much uncertainty and ignorance about no help. While the whole parade always leads to a stop, the half parade serves to make the horse aware of new tasks. In this course you will learn how to ride a successful parade.

Several aids come together in a parade: weight, thigh and rein aid. Horses don't think like humans, but react to what they perceive and feel at the moment. You should be aware of this again and again, especially when riding. The correct sequence of the aids and the precise timing are therefore important. Through the parade, the horse arches its back and steps under the center of gravity. Without this gymnastics, carrying the rider's weight can lead to incorrect loads and tension. Reinhart Koblitz explains why breathing is an important key to a correct parade. He also explains the effects of sitting errors such as a jammed knee on parade formation.

Reiner Koblitz and the trainer-student team Major Paul Stecken a.D. and riding master Ingrid Klimke will demonstrate to you what the parade looks like in theory and practically implemented in training. With the help of fade-ins and slow-motion recordings, you can see exactly what an optimal parade looks like. In the second part of the course you will learn specific exercises that will help you to correctly ride transitions. Errors that can occur when riding transitions are also shown and explained here.