How God made me a game

What has God made of you?

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If you want your neighbor to believe in God, then let him see what God has made of you ...
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) American clergyman, teacher, philosopher, and essayist

  • Are you an employee of a Christian association?

  • Do you want to spread the word of God?

  • Do you wish that your group members would find the way to God?

Then apply this phrase from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

  • Your group members look to you for what God has made of you.

  • Your church looks to you

    • how you live,

    • how you behave

    • how you judge and condemn or

    • how you can approach the other,

    • how you can forgive and love the other.

Because there is one thing you can be certain of:

There are plenty of hypocrites, and so are lukewarm Christians. And there are enough Christians who are so taken with themselves and deny the other person's faith (because the other person has too little faith from their point of view) and are only condemning instead of forgiving, helping, loving.

But exactly this behavior is noticed by the neighbors (the community, the friends) and they wonder: is this the faith they are talking about? Do I want to have this belief? Certainly not!

The quote “Fear conquers more people than anything else in the world.”, Also comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson and fits very well in this context.

Because maybe there is also a little fear - of being judged himself - just as Jesus was "condemned" by his disciples and friends and bombarded with questions because he dealt with "questionable" figures on the fringes of society. And we also know that in the end Jesus was pretty much alone (“Do you want to leave me too?”). But we shouldn't have a belief of fear, but a courageous belief. Courage is part of approaching other people, forgiving instead of judging. But with the courage it is more difficult in some situations and everything “to approach”, “understand”, “forgive” is denied. What a poor useless belief!

What has God made of you?

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