Who invented television in Urdu

Who Invented Television?

Long live television! Steffen, you say it was invented 90 years ago?

Exactly. It began as a functioning system 90 years ago with what Manfred von Ardenne soldered together back then in Berlin.

And what was that

The idea wasn't really new - scan images line by line. Paul Nipkow, also a German inventor, had it before him. A disc with holes has been named after him. This took care of the line-shaped scanning in front of the device with which the images are recorded. Ardenne found that it could be made easier by wiping an electron beam over the light-sensitive layer in the receiving tube. The reverse is then done in the display tube.

Like the good old tube TV?

Yes, the older ones will remember.

Is that the famous Braun tube?

That was the starting point of the picture tube, which until the 1990s dominated not only the television, but also the computer screens. It was different with old computers. I can remember a Soviet mainframe computer in Dresden in the early 1970s, there was no screen, just printouts and colorful lights like those seen in older science fiction films.

Ardenne had made his invention before the Nazi era?

Yes, but the Nazis were the first to make something out of it: propaganda. They broadcast the Olympic Games in 1936, not at home, but in so-called public television rooms. The US later put the televisions in living rooms and it became a commercial thing.

In the beginning there were only live broadcasts?

Yes, recording was only possible on film back then.

So instead of TV series plays?

Yes, filmed theater.

Did Ardenne later comment on what he did to the television?

I think the culturally pessimistic view was not his.

Didn't he also co-invent the Soviet atomic bomb?

Yes and no. He was involved in the development of uranium enrichment plants. He was an interesting figure: even before the Nazis, he owned a private laboratory in the south of Berlin, a kind of research company. And then he opened it up again in Dresden with the money for his Stalin Prize in the GDR. A private company under socialism. With Ulbricht he almost always found an open ear. In that respect he was fine.

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