Which car can beat the Bugatti symbol

Is the tomato now a fruit or vegetable & quest; And what about the potato & quest;

Hello Leutz !! Is the tomato actually a fruit or a vegetable? And what is healthier? Everything that emerges from a flower is fruit, e.g. tomatoes and the rest e.g. potatoes are tubers and vegetables. LG Skyler

Is the long-term pursuit of an animal pigeon on a private property under the usual law & quest;

10 years ago my then partner and I set up a zoo as a registered association on his property, with the permission of his parents (former owners of the property). The zoo consists of several fixed,

Is it possible & comma; to allow a 4 on the certificate in 8th grade & quest;

I'm going to a high school in 8th grade. Last semester I had an almost pure grade 1 certificate. But now in the second half of the year I don't want to just study every afternoon and would like to pursue my hobbies more ... My goal is to en

What is the correct care of a guest house for hot water and heating & quest;

I would like to have the gas boiler professionally serviced by an installer. I would now like to know what everything goes with it. Last year I had the impression that mostly something was being measured and nothing else. Can this be? Maybe

What is the speed of a point on the equator & quest; And one in Hamburg

Earth radius = 6370km, rotates once around its axis in about one day. What is the speed of a point at the equator, is the speed of a point in Hamburg higher or lower? please with solutionsweq PS. you shouldn't give me my H

Why are the actresses on the television often stressful and in a bad mood & quest;

Hello, Why are the most of actresses and presenters on TV often stressful and in a bad mood? Since it is often a very stressful job and directing demands appropriate performance. "After the first day of shooting, I came to the hotel

Are you looking for a zombie movie & comma; that I saw on TV some time ago & period;

Hello everyone, a while ago I saw a zombie movie, as far as I can remember it wasn't a Hollywood production, but I liked the story. Since that was some time ago, I can still remember a few details, I hope you can tell me

The cat has a seam on its stomach - a veterinarian or not & quest;

Our cat Jenna was neutered 5 days ago. Everything went well, just a few days later Jenna was just the same and ate. The seam had been sewn with two stitches, and we noticed at the outset that it was often on the St.

Is it possible & comma; to block a cellphone name on the cellphone & sol; to block & quest;

It is already clear that you can block WhatsApp, but can you completely block a number for everything on the mobile phone? Calls and sms? Complete? Yes you can. Which cell phone do you have? On the iPhone, go to Settings -> Phone -> saved

Is it possible & comma; to stop an app on the iphone 4 & comma; or only for a specific app Internet & quest;

At Samsung, this is called forcing a stop. What is the name of the Iphone 4 and how do I find it? If you press your home button twice you will get into the multitasking menu if you slide an app upwards it is closed. and in the one

How can I call up contacts & comma; which were lost during a data backup on the mobile phone & quest;

Hi first! I relaunched a Samsung XCover 3 after a virus attack. Before that, I copied the data from the hard drive and memory card to the PC. The reloading worked - but some contacts are missing. The files on

I want to play a tune on the piano and discovered a website a few months ago & comma; which shows me & quest;

Which chords go well together and I'm looking for this page now, but can't find it anywhere, maybe someone knows a similar page or maybe the page I'm looking for? I'm still looking, for example, to mark the chord for me

I played a game on the computer a long time ago and forgot the name & period; & period; & period; Can you help me & quest;

Hay, a few years ago I liked to play a game at SpielAffe, there was a man who could take on shapes from other beings and you had to find the target and unlock the door with a key. As I could still remember

Is the maximum load of a forklift on slopes and slopes lower & quest;

Moin, I know that the maximum load of a forklift is lower with a slope, but is it the same with the slope and the effect is reversed and it gets bigger? And how does that change the bill? So otherwise I'll calculate it

Is the Windows version of a PC stored on the hard drive?

Hello, I would like to buy a new internal hard drive and would like to know what the Windows version is stored on. Not that I suddenly no longer have Windows on it. (Windows XP) Windows is always saved on the hard drive

Is the home insurance also a problem with the energy supplier & quest;

the so-called real estate legal protection insurance (legal protection for the self-occupied residential unit) does not cover disputes with the energy supplier. That would be secured through the PrivatRS with contractRS.

If the FX 9590 works with a motherboard & comma; on which the FX 6350 fits & quest;

Purely mechanically it fits on it, but: the FX 9590 has a TDP of 220 watts, only very few mainboards can provide that at all. the FX 9590 is pretty much the last CPU that can be recommended in relation to the power consumption and price

What kind of phone model is it on the screen & quest;

I am looking for the cell phone model or the exact name of this cell phone. It's from Sony Ericsson, but which one is it? Thanks. Definitely a Sony Ericsson

How much does a tattoo of a rose on the upper arm cost & quest;

I would like to have my second tattoo on the upper arm (outside) or forearm (inside) and wanted to ask which part of you hurt more and what it will cost approximately:) Size, level of detail, color or not? Tattoos are not off the shelf.