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How do I choose the right size for my desired item?


Almost everyone knows the situation - I've finally found my dream jacket in my favorite color at an attractive price! Now, however, the question of the right size arises.

Our 3 tips to help you find your personal size:

  1. Know your body mass.
    Each brand publishes its own size tables. You can compare these measurement tables with your own body measurements. To take your own mass, do the following:
    1. Take a flexible measuring tape and measure yourself in your underwear:

      • Height
      • Neck circumference
      • Shoulder width
      • Chest circumference
      • Waist circumference at the narrowest point
      • Waist circumference at the strongest point
      • Hip circumference at the strongest point around the buttocks
      • Inner leg length (from crotch to ankle)
      • outer leg length (from waist to ankle)

    2. Make a note of the dimensions and use them for the next order in our online shop, in order to compare them with the dimensions in the stored size guides.
    3. If you are between two dress sizes, choose the closest size.

  2. Use the size advisor stored with the articles.
    For many of our articles we provide a size advisor for you. The size advisor is a measurement table from the manufacturer, which you can use as a guide when choosing the size of the respective article. You can find the size advisor directly above the size selection field.

  3. When choosing the size, use reference products from the same brand as a guide.
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