How to break a monologue into beats

Write a monologue

Watch famous monologues.From Hamlet's famous inner conflict to Quint's harrowing story of World War II in Jaws, monologues can be used in dramas to add depth to the character. Monologues give us an insight into the insights of the character and their motivation. It is less of an artifice (even if it should always be used to move the plot forward) than it is a character study that is performed aloud. Get acquainted with some of the classic theatrical or film monologists and study their form. Check out the following:
  • The sales speech opening by David Mamet's "Glengarry Glen Ross"
  • Hamlet's monologues
  • The speech "I could have been a contender" in "Die Faust im Nacken (On the Waterfront)"
  • The speech "I ate the divorce papers" from "Goodbye Charles" by Gabriel Davis
  • Masha's speech "I'm telling you this because you're a writer" from Chekhov's "Die Möwe"
  • The Honorable Man speech given by Bill The Butcher, dressed in a flag, in the Gangs of New York