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Who invented it? today: the roundabout

October 29, 2009 at 10:03 pm | Posted in Travel | 4 comments

To this day it does not seem to have been unequivocally clarified who is the inventor of the roundabout. The first roundabout as we know and appreciate it today was built in New York in 1904. A certain William Pleps Eno (funny name) planned the so-called "Columbus Circle". This new "intersection anomaly" (more on this topic here) initially hardly needed due to the still small number of motorized, mobile pedestals, or if it did, extremely strange-looking regulations, such as e.g. E.g. priority of the "north-south-north-traffic" or the "west-east-west-traffic" (caution wall ;-), or the "first-in" rule (also sounds interesting).

The second co-founder of this "special road construction type of traffic junction" is the French architect Eugene Henard, who designed the roundabout around the Arc de Triomphe. Wikipedia also gives the date as 1904, other sources say this was only built in 1907.

So be it a "roundabout" like the one in the picture, which I took on my trip to the south of England, are anything but normal (but let's be honest: what is normal on the island ...), let alone everyday. Make sure to turn right into the roundabout and what is even more important: to look to the RIGHT beforehand and to pass the construction site without an accident at the same time.

I like it:

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