What does happiness mean?

Far too seldom do we pause in our everyday life to ask ourselves whether we are leading a full and happy life. Often we are too busy, too stressed and too distracted.

Being happy means something different for everyone, so that no general formula can be established. Instead, there are approaches and thoughts that can help you to get closer to your personal happiness and to be happy with what you do, with what you have, with what and how you are.

Guayusa - the wake-up call of the Indians

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Create ideal images

What pretty much everyone has in their heads is the idea of ​​an ideal image - the image of the ideal person in the ideal world.

This conception of the ideal is shaped by your surroundings and does not arise solely from your innermost desires and needs. Rather, your ideal image is shaped by your environment, advertising and social media.

Man assumes that achieving his ideal image would make him the happiest person. Optimization is therefore always sought in order to arrive happily at the goal.

The ideal, a space for change

Your image of you in an "optimized" version is generally not a bad thing. First of all, it can enable you to develop further by getting inspiration and impetus from outside. The ideal creates a space for implementation, a space in which you can place wishes and goals that you can then pursue.

So that this imaginary ideal becomes an aid rather than a burden, it is important to control this created image. It must not happen that you create unrealistic ideas and strive for them, being controlled by you.

Therefore you have to be aware of:

  • The ideal is a creation created by you to be happy.
  • It is not to control and dominate you, but rather
  • It serves to create a space for you for a possible change. Like a puzzle, from which you can take stones as well as put them in, you have the power to create your picture.

Change ideal images

Take a conscious look at your ideal world. Are there things and conditions that are good for you? Or does your ideal image convey something to you that is not doing you good, something that is not possible at the moment, something that makes you feel bad and stressed? Then you have the power to remove that factor from the picture. Just as you have the opportunity to place something that you know is good for you and that you can reach in the immediate vicinity.

Because the ideal is a tool for self-development, not for self-torment. It should give you incentive, motivation and determination.

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Discover happiness in adversity

Acceptance is an important step towards getting closer to the personal ideal. Because before the change, the basis of satisfaction has to be laid. Therefore: estimate your current state.

Tailer Gage wrote (freely translated) in his book "Fully Alive":

“In order to know the teachings of light, we must be open to accepting the teachings of darkness and shadows.

Because if we don't assume that there are days when we feel worse, then we won't even be able to recognize the good days. The light can never exist without the shadow. These two sides of life represent the fullness of existence. "

What does that mean?
If one of the two sides - happiness or unhappiness - is not accepted by you, you will not be able to perceive the other side in the first place.

Consciously happier

Answer yourself the question What does happiness mean to you? In which moments do you feel good, grateful, satisfied. Is it meeting loved ones, taking a walk in the daylight, reading a book or drinking a warm cup of tea. Gather these moments and consciously make time each day for some of these experiences.

Also, rethink your ideal. Is it a realistic one? Does it spur you on? Do you want to change?

Guayusa - liquid happiness

Guayusa is important for the Kichwa, the indigenous people of the Amazon, in order to become aware of exactly these questions. They make Guayusa tea early in the morning and discuss your daily goals, challenges and wishes together.

How the Kichwa use Guayusa tea can be found in the article The Indigenous Uses of Guayusa. Use of Guayusa!

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Guayusa brings you into a new waking state with a special focus and without physical side effects. Our tea blends contain no flavors, no sugar and are specially mixed to stay awake and energized for a long time to master the day.

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