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Unpack and set up the FRITZ! BOX 6890 LTE!

Anyone who is fed up with the standard modems from the tariff providers usually buys a FRITZ! BOX just like me. The FRITZ! BOX 6890 * also has the advantage that you can also use it as an LTE modem. This is especially interesting if you don't have a DSL connection or it is simply not where your FRITZ! BOX should be.

In this post I will show you what is included in the scope of delivery of the FRITZBOX 6890 * and how you set them up. Of course, the FRITZBOX has a lot of setting options, which we cannot go through in this article. If you are interested in a specific topic, feel free to write it down in the comments.

Here you come straight to the point SET UP FRITZBOX 6890

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The scope of delivery

With the FRITZBOX 6890 you get a lot of cables included. This has the advantage that a cable is included for pretty much every application.

FRITZBOX 6890 LTE scope of delivery

  • FRITZ! BOX 6890 LTE
  • Power supply 12V 2.5A
  • 2x LTE antennas (paddle antennas)
  • 1x DSL cable
  • 1x LAN cable
  • 1x DSL / telephone cable (Y cable)
  • 1x RJ11 / TAE adapter
  • Further telephone line adapters

Perhaps one or the other wonders why you need DSL cables etc. with an LTE modem / router. This is because you can use the FRITZBOX 6890 LTE as a normal DSL modem, and then LTE only serves as a fallback (emergency solution). For example, you can set the FRITZBOX to automatically switch to LTE as soon as the DSL line fails for a certain period of time.

In addition to the hardware, there is also some paper in the scope of delivery. In addition to brief instructions, you will also receive a note card on which you will find all the important information about the LEDs on the Fritzbox. You can also write down your WLAN and FRITZBOX password on this card. And of course there is also a small information booklet with the functions and advantages of a Fritzbox in the scope of delivery.

The design

Like all other FRITZ devices, the FRITZ! BOX 6890 LTE is in white and red. The design is simple and modern.

At the top you also have five status LEDs and three buttons with which you can activate or deactivate various functions.

On the underside there is not only the ventilation grille but also holes to hang the FRITZBOX on the wall. You can do this simply with screws or with an appropriate wall bracket *.

The connections

Let's also briefly come to the connections of the FRITZBOX 6890 LTE *.

FRITZBOX 6890 connections on the back of the device

  • Connection for the LTE antennas (2x)
  • DSL socket
  • FON 2 RJ11 socket
  • FON S RJ45 socket
  • WAN connection
  • LAN 1 to LAN 4
  • Power socket
  • SIM card slot

FRITZBOX 6890 connections on the right

FRITZBOX 6890 connections on the left

Setting up the FRITZBOX 6890 - hardware

The first thing we will do is connect everything.

Insert SIM Card

Since we want to use the FRITZBOX 6890 primarily as an LTE modem, the first thing we will do now is to insert the SIM card into our FRITZBOX. It should be noted that you can only use mini SIM cards here. You should also not use SIM card adapters here!

LTE antennas

Now we can also attach the two LTE antennas to the FRITZ! BOX. These can easily be screwed on left and right.

LAN cable

If you want to connect certain devices to your Fritzbox via LAN cables, then you can now also connect them. There are 4 LAN sockets available for this. If you need more, I can recommend this switch *.

Connect the power pack

Finally, of course, we also have to connect the power supply.

Setting up the FRITZBOX 6890 - software

Now that everything is connected, we can now connect to the Firtzbox. You have to note that the FRITZBOX needs 2-5 minutes the first time it is started. Once everything is set up, it also starts faster.

Connect with the FRITZBOX to the PC via LAN

If you have connected your Firtzbox to your PC via a LAN cable, you can skip the next step.

Connect to the FRITZBOX via WLAN

If you are looking for a WLAN device on your PC or MAC, you should already find the FRITZBOX here.

After you have selected this, you still have to enter the WLAN key. You can find this on the underside of your FRITZBOX or on the note card that is included in the scope of delivery.

Then we are successfully connected to the FRITZBOX.

FRITZBOX user interface

In order to get to the user interface of our Fritzbox, we only have to enter in the address line of our browser.

Here we are then asked for our password. You can also find this on the note card.

FRITZBOX assistant

When you start it for the first time, we go straight to the setup wizard. With this you normally have to enter the details of your internet provider.

Since I bought my FRITZBOX directly from A1 (my internet provider), most of the items are already preset for me.

As soon as you have clicked through this wizard, you will get to the user interface.

Change FRITZBOX name

Especially when many in the neighborhood also have a Fritzbox, things can get confusing and confusing. Therefore we will give our FRITZBOX 6890 LTE its own name.

We can also change the name that is displayed in the home network and the name that is displayed in the wireless network (WLAN) separately.


For the WiFi name we go to our user interface WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS and then too Radio network.

Here we can assign our own name to the radio network name.

Then you shouldn't forget the Apply button (right below) to click.

Danger! After you have changed the name, you will lose the wireless connection to your FRITZBOX and you will have to reconnect. You should therefore decide on a name beforehand before you connect all devices to the FRITZBOX.

FRITZBOX name home network

For the home network name we go on Home network and then on FRITZ! BOX name.

Here, too, we have to apply the changes again at the bottom right.


Of course, you should also change your WiFi password. The settings for this can be found under WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS security.

Here, too, you have to reconnect to your FRITZBOX afterwards.

FRITZBOX password user interface

We will also adjust the password for the user interface.

These settings are a bit hidden. We find this by clicking on the three small dots on the top right. Here we will find the item Change password.

What's next?

In the future I would like to show you more of my own setup on this blog and on my YouTube channel. So if you are interested in how my network is structured, how my desk setup, what my folder structure looks like, etc. then you should stop by here more often.

I can also subscribe to the blog, so you can always see when a new article appears.

FRITZBOX settings

Of course there are also some points about the FRITZBOX that I would like to show you.

As soon as these are ready, I will link them to you below.

  • FRITZBOX assign fixed IP addresses
  • FRITZBOX power consumption
  • FRITZBOX Smart Home

You are also welcome to write in the comments below which topic you would be particularly interested in about the FRITZBOX.

FRITZBOX accessories

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