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let yourself be inspired

eBay brings buyers and sellers together worldwide. Whether new or used - you can buy almost anything on eBay. With PayPal you pay with just a few clicks.

Now to eBay


Place a bid or buy the item you want immediately.


Your payment details will not be passed on to the seller.


Payment is confirmed instantly and the seller can ship faster.

WOW! deals

Browse through the attractive offers that eBay selects for you every day. Benefit from the low prices and let yourself be surprised every day.

Better safe than sorry

Of course, buyer protection also applies to many eBay purchases. For example, if the package you have been waiting for does not arrive or the content does not match the description at all, eBay and PayPal are there for you.

More about buyer protection

You have the choice

With a PayPal account you have the free choice: Pay either with your bank account or your credit card. You won't miss out on bonus miles.

Did you know that in Germany a tablet is bought every five minutes via the eBay app?

Shop around the world once

Over 200 markets and 25 currencies: With PayPal, shopping in international shops is easy and secure. Discover the world - on eBay or in other online shops.

Take part

On eBay, millions of buyers and sellers come together every day to trade in new and used items. Take part too.

A pair of women's shoes is sold on eBay every five seconds. Pay quickly with PayPal.

Paying is free

Paying in euros is free of charge with us - it's that simple. We only charge a fee when you receive money.

More about fees

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