How do I avoid roaming charges in Jamaica

Optimal roaming settings on Android

Thanks to the EU, the prices for roaming have fallen rapidly in recent years. Anyone who surfs the Internet with their smartphone in London, Madrid or Warsaw pays a maximum of 23.8 cents net per megabyte (MByte) of data volume used. In addition to this EU tariff, Vodafone, Telefonica and Co are also allowed to offer tariff packages with inclusive megabytes for travelers.

Telefonica, for example, has automatically included the EU Roaming Flat in the O2 Blue All-in tariffs L, XL or Premium and thus offers one gigabyte for mobile data within EU countries. Customers of the O2 Blue All-in S or M tariffs can book this option for EUR 4.99. Whether you save on the EU tariff depends on how much you want to surf abroad. Before leaving, you should ask which international tariff is activated and what it will cost you. Because the providers are not obliged to take over the EU prices. And then it could well be that an unfavorable package is activated that makes your surfing unnecessarily expensive.

But roaming charges are also popular near national borders. You can prevent this by manually selecting your network operator on your smartphone. But it is even better if you switch roaming off and WLAN on immediately when you are abroad. Then you are always on the safe side. Or you can buy a prepaid card with surf volume on site.

Here we show you how to safely deactivate roaming on Android smartphones:

  1. Android: optimally set roaming
    The roaming function is somewhat hidden: it can be found under "Settings" and then "Additional settings".
  2. Android: Set roaming optimally
    You also have to click again under "Additional settings" to activate or deactivate roaming. Only a click on "Mobile Networks" finally leads to data roaming. If you check this box, you can surf the mobile network abroad.
  3. Android: Set roaming optimally
    A warning appears indicating that your home flat rate no longer applies.
  4. Android: Set roaming optimally
    The standard setting under "Additional settings" and "Network operator" is: "Select automatically". Click on "Search networks" and select your network operator in order to stay in your home network as long as possible in border areas.
  5. Android: optimally set roaming
    If you want to prevent app updates from starting suddenly, deactivate the checkmark next to "Mobile data".
  6. Android: optimally set roaming
    Then all functions that go over the Internet will only be active again when you log into a WLAN network.