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Tasting Notes # 014 Port Askaig 14 years

Tasting Notes June 06, 2018

On the nose, the Port Askaig opens up very fine, light smoke, beautifully mild and with gentle maritime notes. If you give the whiskey a little time, an intense sweetness emerges. Notes of vanilla, banana pretty yellow everything, then again and again citrus freshness. The more time passes, the more intense it becomes. Herbs and more salty notes are now also added. The nose is really a lot of fun and gives hope for more.

In the mouth, of course, it clearly shows that it should not be underestimated. Nice, full of smoke appears, not as strong as its southern representatives but more than expected.

The whiskey remains nicely structured and clear, feels nice and oily and straight.

Then comes a very pleasant seasoning, sweetness and then tar, which I hadn't expected at all.

Tar, peat and earthy taste suddenly dominate the palate paired with a sip of the Sound of Jura.

Followed by fruitiness and delicious sweetness. The drinking strength of 45.8 is really ideal, the 14 does not have any disturbing alcohol notes or is only slightly spicy.

I am very stunned. Now, after a while, a little dryness settles on the palate at the back.

The finish is really nice and persistent, the smoke and tar is retained before it is replaced by the typical Islay sweetness. It's fun to taste them for a while.

I really have to say this whiskey is really knocking me out. You have to try it, definitely. You don't have to say more tasty and tasty.

If you ask fondly, you will also be happy to get a sample, have a little something left, so just drop by.

I like to refrain from grading with points, since tastes are fundamentally different and every palate can perceive whiskey differently. I ask to consider this.

Your Lars Altstadt

SlĂ inthe

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