What is dead end solutions

what is "state of the art" at 32bit

Hello Spindoctor,
First of all, thank you very much for your detailed answer. I would like to comment on some points again because I may not have written clearly enough what I actually want.

I wanted to tackle the 32-bit conversion because it seemed timely to me, I understood that "normal" things can be done with 8-bit without any problems. Technically, I probably don't really need it, I thought so anyway and you confirmed it.
Yes, my printer is Cartesian (I haven't dealt with all the names so far and Cartesian is certainly not the best concept). The print quality is basically sufficient for my needs at the moment, but it is probably not perfectly calibrated, otherwise it would be able to print Benchy, I think. This may be a topic for another forum, so only briefly: He prints a 20x20x20 cube 20x20x20 (measured with caliper accuracy), the heating bed is leveled to 0.2mm (I can't get that better) the extruder temperature remains + / -1C constant.
My comments on the listed reasons for switching:
The simple configurability would not be an argument for me (I see the Marlin Varinte more as an advantage; you have to think about what you want to change first) and my printer should not (come) on the Internet. I can well imagine that 32-bit standard will be standard in 3-4 years, but I wanted to start now.

I had already noticed the different software solutions, but I couldn't really imagine that they would exist completely independently and that there was no mainstream, but for the software I would stick to Marlin 2.x anyway to get more specific. It actually says "Beta" everywhere but I haven't had any problems with it so far.

It seems to be the same with the hardware, it seems - contrary to what I expected / had hoped - that there is no mainstream there either, but I have some specific questions about it:
You don't mention Ramps-FD or you only briefly go into the self-construction - is that really a dead end? Or niche? (I would find someone who equips the board for me or if necessary learn SMD soldering myself)
I had already seen the BigTreeTech SKR board mentioned before but didn't consider using it because Marlin is not in the list of supported software.
I had also looked at Octoprint once before but then did not pursue its use.

Obviously, it's not as simple as I thought or imagined.
If the BigTreeTech SKR Board is running with Marlin 2.x (either someone can confirm that directly, or I will research it on the weekend) I will order it, until then I will continue to tinker with my modified Ramps-FD V1.A board, the Board is almost running.

Best wishes

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