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Dangerous dog names

Names say a lot about a dog and its owner. Dangerous-sounding names like those of the two trained Dobermans Zeus and Apollo from the television series Magnum, for example.

The names of the two dogs alone make them threatening, let alone their nature. Don't you think so?

Both names come from Greek mythology. And god names are the classic among dangerous names for dogs. Hasso, for example, sounds just as terrifying.

How dangerous are dog names?

There are dog names like a dime a dozen. Often times you associate something with a name in your head as soon as you hear it. Perhaps it reminds you of a friend, a relative, or a character in a movie you once watched. There are hundreds of options.

Your dog's name even affects how others perceive you and your dog. Some Dog names sound sweet and cute, others funny or dangerous.

21 dangerous sounding dog names

The list below gives you an overview of 21 dangerous dog names that sound threatening to many people. For each dog name, you will find a detailed explanation of its background and meaning.


The name Brutus evokes the feeling of Power and dominance emerge. Although it is translated from Latin as dull and difficult.

Due to the Roman politician Marcus Iunius Brutus and his conspiracy against Julius Caesar, this first name stands for struggle, danger and scheming behavior.


Hasso is a classic among dog names. The meaning of Hasso is “the strong” or “the tough”.

There are several variations of this name, all of which are very similar. Examples are Hesso or Hasko.

These names come from Old High German and were very common in the past. Today they have moved into the background due to the harsh sound.


Translated from Italian, bandita means "forbidden" or "banned". So this name would be apt for one naughty bitch.


The first name Boss is to be understood as a character description. It is very rarely given. In this case it usually appears as a middle name.

Boss signals Dominance, defines a hierarchy through the name alone and places itself above all others.


Odin is known from North Germanic mythology as the supreme god. The father of gods is god of war and will be with Strength and power associated.

At first glance, the typical Nordic name sounds like a rock in the surf.

His name means "highest god" or "primordial god". In its translation, Odin also means “the madman” and “exudes energy”.


Translated from Gaelic, Conan means “little wolf”. But there is also a reference to intelligence and wisdom. This first name is common in England and Ireland.

Another translation comes from Hebrew and associates Conan with a steadfast person who exudes an air of grandeur.

Not to be forgotten is the fantasy film “Conan the Barbarian”. This made leading actor Arnold Schwarzenegger a Hollywood star.


In mythology, Medusa is a woman with snakes on her head. With her gaze she can turn anyone into stone as soon as they look into her eyes.

She is often portrayed as a vicious virgin with claws and fangs.


Literally translated from Greek, diabolo means “confounder”. The expression stands for the devil. The devil plays an important role in Christianity and Islam in particular. Because he embodies evil.

The name Diabolo stands for diabolical machinations and intrigues. Lies, underhandedness and actions that are only for your own benefit will become the devil attributed to.

The origin of the word comes from Spanish and is called Diablo.


Hercules is the son of the Roman god Jupiter, who as Protector of the family applies. At the same time, Hercules is associated with enormous physical powers.

In Greek mythology, the name is composed of the name of the goddess “Hera” and the word for “fame”, which explains the protective being.


Lupus is the Latin word for wolf.

At first glance, lupus is more likely to be associated with the disease of the same name and less often with a name. In the medical sense, lupus is a rheumatic disease that can affect any organ.


The name Hägar is to be understood with a wink. Because for most people the cartoon character "Hägar the Terrible" come to mind. As a Viking, Hägar plundered medieval Europe.


Tiger is used more as a nickname or a decorative title to indicate internal or external strength. Tiger symbolizes a strong will and describes someone who achieves something and takes what he wants.

In its Gaelic original form, the name is Tighearnach. This is translated as “ruler”, “lord” or “little king”.


King is English and means "king" or "ruler". That sounds impressive. So a suitable name for one handsome maleswho knows exactly what he wants.


Actually, this name has a harmless meaning. It is the short form of the Old High German name Rambald and is made up of the words "hraban" for raven and "soon", which means something like "bold".

The name became known through the eponymous film series with Sylvester Stallone. Therefore, Rambo sounds threatening to us. After all, the actor in the films is a tough war veteran who leaves a trail of devastation.


The Old Testament name Goliath was yours giant warrior from the Bible, who became famous for his legendary fight against the future King David.

Goliath is Hebrew and stands for "the shiny one".


You must be familiar with the highest Olympic god. This name means "deity" or "bright day". Zeus is that Ruler of lightning and thunder and the father of all gods in Greek mythology.


Lava is the fiery melt that emerges from a volcano. The term comes from the Kurdish language and roughly means "volcanic ash".

So that would be the perfect name for one spirited female dog full of fire.


Have you ever heard of the Roman Emperor Nero? According to tradition, Nero is believed to be responsible for numerous crimes. Among other things, he is said to have killed his mother and set Rome on fire.

Nero is Italian and means "black“.


The origin of this name is not clear. Abraxas is a Greek male given name, among other things.

In addition to a Gnostic deity, the speaking raven in Otfried Preußler's "the little witch“That name.


Known from Goethe's Faust, the name Mephisto stands for the devil in person. He is a destroyer and liar who sows discord and lives in the darkness within.

Positive qualities are alien to him, because it is always about one's own advantage. He shuns the light, which means that love has no place in his life.

Anyone who falls under his spell will be destroyed, because Mephisto's meaning in life does not consist in building up life, but in bondage.


Amarok is Indian and the Name of a giant wolf from the mythology of the Eskimos. According to legend, Amarok kills anyone who goes hunting at night.

You may also know the name from Volkswagen. The large VW pick-up is also called Amarok.

All of these names seem threatening. Do you feel the same way?

Further suggestions for names

Can't find a suitable name for your male dog? Further lists of names can be found here as an overview and on these pages:

How dangerous should your dog appear to others?

When you come up with a suitable name for your dog, keep in mind that you will have to use your dog's name often in everyday life. And also consider how it works. For example, when calling up in the park or in the presence of other people.

Choose a name that should be easy to understand for your four-legged friend. And easy to pronounce. You will likely call your dog several times a day. A long, difficult word would be very cumbersome.

You should also consider the associations other people might have with your dog when they hear his name.

How do you imagine a dog you've never seen before. If he bears the name Bommel or Knirpsi, it sounds sweet. Not true? Brutus and Rambo, on the other hand, tend to scare some people.

Because we immediately subconsciously associate names with something. Be aware of this when choosing a name for your four-legged friend.

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